Tips for beautiful and hydrated hands during the winter time

During the winter time the cold weather , the windy days and especially the temperature fluctuations , (using warm water and then be exposed to the cold ) are the usual suspects for dry and rough hands . Also we are amid a pandemic and COVID-19 changed some of our habits ,lately we have been using hand sanitizer exceedingly which of course it’s life saving but its antiseptic effect exacerbates the dryness . Today I will share with you some of my remedies and tips in order to keep our hands beautiful and hydrated when the weather turns bad .

Exfoliation is the key word . When your hands are suffering using a balsam or a cream is not enough to heal them . There are plenty of scrubs for the whole body and also specialized for the hands but you can have your diy with simple materials from your kitchen . You will need brown sugar and coconut oil (Bio if it’s possible ) .

DIY Scrub

  • 3 tablespoon Bio coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoon brown sugar

Combine the two ingredients in one bowl mix them good , spread it on the surface of your hands and rub gently .Wash your hands and then treat them with your favourite hand cream . Also you can use a brush like the one in the photos to do dry brushing and remove all the dead skin cells but I don’t recommend it if your hands are in a bad condition .Another great tip that I kept it from my grandmother is to use lemon , take one ,cut it on the half and right away rub down the problematic areas . For SOS occasions you can try an overnight treatment , you can choose between the ones that you can find on the markets ,package with gloves and balm, or you can make your own , simply combine olive oil and lemon spread it on your hands and then wear cotton gloves over night .

Currently I am using this hand cream from Apivita and I am quite satisfied . Last two tips , I also use this wild rose face oil occasionally from Korres in order to keep the surface of the hands young , and I never leave home without my gloves .

Hope you will find useful my suggestions and tips for the hands . Another article for how to keep them young and spotless will follow , plus when we return to normality we will have also nail related themes . Waiting for your advices and don’t hesitate to contact me . Till next time !

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

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