Catwoman on the rooftops

Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

Have you seen the new Batman movie everyone’s talking about lately ? Me I did it two days ago . It was quite good but for someone who is obsessed with Christopher Nolan’s Batman series and is a big fan of Christian Bale nothing seems possible to surpass it .

Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

We did this photo series with the usual suspect , my photographer Panagiotis Kadigkos over a month ago and felt right to correlate it with the movie . Zoe Kravitz nailed it as Catwoman , she is irresistible as Selena and once she appears in the scenes it seems almost impossible to take your eyes off of her .

Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

Batman : Selena ,don’t throw your life away .

Catwoman : Don’t worry , honey . I got nine of ’em .

The Batman (2022)
Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

The inspiration didn’t came from the movie , it was spontaneous and derived from the clothes and the location but the references are distinct .

Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou
Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

“And the cats across the roof, mad in love, scream into drainpipes. And it’s I who am ready, ready to listen. Never tired, never sad, never guilty.”

I’m not there ,(2007)

Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou
Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

Batman : You got a lot of cats .

Catwoman : I have a thing about strays .

The Batman , 2022

The essential ingredient to create an atmosphere on films is music . The variety spans from Nirvana to Peggy Goo and from Schubert’s Ave Maria to Alesso and Frank Sinatra . The least I could characterize the soundtracks are ecstatic !

The Batman 2022 soundtracks
Photos : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou
Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou
Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Check his Portfolio here and follow him on Instagram .

Starring : Eleni Kadigkou

Concept idea , styling , hair and Make Up : Pangiotis Kadigkos and Eleni Kadigkou .

Till next time Meow !

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

Nocturnal animals , an after-hours photo story

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

Borrowing Tom Ford‘s movie title our series of two different photo shootings we did with my photographer Panagiotis Kadigkos are going to be unfold as you scroll later on . The 2016 film is a neo-noir psychological film with Tom Ford’s distinctive signature and narrative skill based on Austin Wright’s novel Tony and Susan .

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

Two parallel stories occurred during the film , Susan an artgallery-owner receives a manuscript of a novel written by her ex-husband , the book named Nocturnal animals is inspired by the nickname her ex gave to her . In the novel , an unexpected event during a family road trip in West Texas disturbs the balances . The wife and daughters were kidnapped by two men in the middle of nowhere . Later the father is being informed by a policeman about their fate , the women had been raped and murdered .

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

Fortunately , our photo-story has no relation at all with the movie script . Just the title sounded appealing to me and I associated the events that took place in the streets late at night , referring to our photo shooting and the setting where the story of the novel unfolds .

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

Just be careful who you trust late at night , even your own eyes can betray you . Mythical figures and dreamy creatures can come to life , sometimes the borderline between illusions and reality is very thin .

“I’ve always preferred mythology to history. Because history is made up of truths which eventually turn into lies, while mythology is made up of lies that eventually become truths. ” Jean Cocteau

“And if I have the good fortune to live on in your minds, it would be in mythological form.” Jean Cocteau

Nocturnal Animals ( Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ) by Abel Korzeniowski , Spotify
Video : Eleni Kadigkou
Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

Thank you your time !

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

More about his body of work visit his Portfolio here

Styling , make up , art direction : Panagiotis Kadigkos and Eleni Kadigkou

Starring : Eleni Kadigkou

Till next time !

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Five statement emerald embellished jewelleries to invest now

Necklace Haute Joaillerie , Chopard

Emeralds have always been my favourite gemstone , what not to love about those green miracles of nature ? A pair of emerald earrings that my mother gave me as a birthday present rekindled my passion for them . Following the Haute Couture Fashion week in Paris , where Haute Joaillerie ( High Jewellery ) fashion houses presented their latest collections I picked five statement pieces to introduce you . Two of them have been shown during the Couture week in Paris this January and three of them are jewelleries designed by the A-list of Greek jewellery designers with international recognition .

Chopard Insofu emerald , an exceptional 6225-carat gemstone

An exceptional emerald named Bemba , word for ” elephant ” presented by Chopard in Paris few weeks ago . Its 6,225 carats and its high quality render it as a gemstone of striking excellence . Caroline Scheufele , co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard plans to unveil steps of the process which will lead to future wondrous pieces by this unique find . Till the new designs come to the light , Chopard presented the “Exceptional stones” collection including an emerald embellished necklace of outstanding craftmanship ideal for memorable appearances .

Necklace Haute Joaillerie , Chopard

Find more about Chopard here and follow them on Instagram

The third chapter of their Sixième Sens collection presented by Cartier at Paris Haute Couture week and completed a series of creations which aims to interact with human senses on their sight . The jewelleries here defined as works of art , the bold textures and the visual patterns they involve exhibit optical illusions and this exact tromp l’oeil effect intend to engage the viewers emotions . The necklace ” Synesthésie ” ,featured in the photo below ,composed of a 35,47-carat Colombian emerald accompanied by emerald and turquoise pearls with brilliant or square-cut diamonds in between . A piece of utmost beauty and craftmanship which is almost impossible not to be moved on its sight .

Necklace ” Synesthésie ” ,Cartier

Discover Cartier’s High Jewellery collection here , Cartier on Instagram

Three Greek Jewellery designers in the spotlight

Through her 30 plus years career in jewellery making Ileana Makri has to showcase a variety of elegant and sophisticated creations defined by minimalism . Although she is Greek , we could characterized her as a globetrotter , she and her designs have been traveling around the world as long as she is in the foreground . Her designs are regarded vastly and have international presence . The bracelet we choose to present in this article is inspired by the movement of water .The stream bracelet is an ideal representative of the minimal excellence , handcrafted from 18k yellow satin-finished gold embellished with bright green emeralds .

Stepping Stone Stream Bracelet , Ileana Makri

You can find Ileana Makri’s collection on her website here or at Auverture .Follow on Instagram for more here .

Since Nikos Koulis launched his own brand he has been awarded numerous times for his exceptional collections and his innovative signature design . We could say that high aesthetics and craftmanship is in his DNA as his family owns an established business in jewellery . His creations of high quality and distinctive beauty enjoy worldwide recognition but Koulis’s perpetual ingenuity refuses to be complacent and generates pieces of elaborate artistry . The pair of earrings we introduce are part of ” Oui ” collection , the most celebrated ( it has won the Couture Design award twice ) of the brand where inspiration from architecture and Art Deco are obvious . Here the Colombian emeralds are tied up in white gold , embellished with white diamonds and black enamel , signature element of the designer in this high jewellery line .

Emerald Earrings , Oui Collection , Nikos Koulis

Learn more about Nikos Koulis and his collections here , follow him on Instagram

Shop his creations at Auverture

Last but not least on our list is a piece of the Venyx x Muzo collaboration . Eugenie Niarchos , the London-based jewellery designer of Greek origin invites us on a journey to her own planet of endless creativity , Venyx world . As a citizen of the world she has travelled to virgin territories , has come across ancient and contemporary civilizations and she is a connoisseur of art , as result her collections is an amalgam of her experiences and her imagination . Mythical figures , animals , mother earth and extraterrestial elements compose a unique scenery defined by high quality and virtuosity . The Muzo Venyx necklace is our chosen one , crafted by 18k white gold with 413,14 carats of 118 Muzo Colombian emeralds , tied up in black rhodium and embellished with 4,55 carats of 261 diamonds and 1,17 carats opal .

The Muzo Venyx necklace , with Colombian emeralds

Your journey to Venyx Planet could start here , follow also on Instagram

For the collaboration with Muzo visit this link and get social here .

Shop also at Auverture .

The five jewelleries I decided to present here are of timeless value , pieces of art to wear now and be passed on for generations .

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

Healthy , fudgy , gooey brownies by Hara Korakaki

Is there anytime that you are desperate about chocolate but you are worrying about the calories ? Hara’s foodblog has to offer the perfect solution for those desires of yours . A healthy ,fudgy and gooey brownie recipe is here to cover your needs .


  • 3/4 cup Greek yoghurt 
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup almond milk 
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder 
  • 1/2 cup almond flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder 
  • 1/2 cup light brown sugar 
  • 1/3 cup dark chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 170⁰C . In a bowl, mix together egg , yoghurt and milk . Once well combined , add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well . Grease a baking tray and pour in the batter . Sprinkle some extra chocolate chips on top and bake for 15 minutes . Let it cool , slice and enjoy!!

For more ideas check Hara’s Foodblog here .

Feel free to share your version with us !

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

Guy Bourdin inspired Polaroid project

Photos Panagiotis Kadigkos

Guy Bourdin’s legacy and contribution to the art of photography still have a major impact . The renowned photographer’s signature style , provocative and sensual , is a source of inspiration whenever it comes to fashion photo-shootings . He had the ability to shock with his images offering a totally new genre of photography . Woman’s legs , high heels and hosiery was recurring themes on his oeuvre . Our Polaroid project with my photographer Panagiotis Kadigkos triggered by one of those .

Photo Courtesy The Guy Bourdin Estate

His vision breathe new life to Fashion photography , challenging the conventional image by adding bold colours and dramatic effects .

A late night spontaneous decision and only 16 polaroid films , ended up to the following result .

Video Panagiotis Kadigkos

For more about The Guy Bourdin estate visit here

Photographer Panagiotis Kadigkos

Starring Eleni Kadigkou

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

Schiaparelli’s out-of-this world Spring 2022 Couture Collection was a blast off to an uncharted and futuristic planet

                                             Photos Courtesy of Schiaparelli

Since 2019 , when the House of Schiaparelli appointed Daniel Roseberry as artistic director , his creations draw the attention of the fashion crowd with numerous magazine covers , dithyrambic reviews and memorable red carpet appearances . But it wasn’t until Monday the 24th of January , where the designer kicked off the Paris Haute Couture Week , that he held his first live show for the house . When the collection , called an ” An Age of Discipline ” , began to unfold in front of the audience aroused ecstatic feelings and it was just the begining of an intergalactic journey to the Schiaparelli planet . The deliberate use of a-three-coloured pallet , black , white and the characteristic gold of the fashion house , in addition with the minimal lines left space for spectacular ornaments , sculptured jewelleries and accessories .

The subtraction of volumes and the lack of colour was anything but uninspired , the models were orbiting in an inventive brand new universe borrowing the rings of Saturn . The woman in this collection was a peculiar amalgam of the ancient times , like Egypt and ancient Greece , and the extraterrestial futuristic vision . She once was a priestess , obvious references like crosses and headpieces made their appearance , kidnapped by the aliens to a-time-machine journey only to came back as Medusa , other times as a goddess or a hybrid of fictional and earthy creature . Haute Couture finds here its best expression , elegant silk dresses , velvet pants and organza garments imbued with engineering skills , accompanied by fine-arted equipment . This collection could grab you from the hand , yes those astonishing golden-sculptered coral-like hands , to a fashion realm no one ever touched down before .

Nonetheless inspiration was not limited to the aforementioned , as Mariacarla Boscono were slowly walking like a fountain which were gushing gold , felt like the monumental moment when Duchamp inserted his ready-mades to the artworld .To continue the baguettes made of gold , the conical busters , the radial crown and the jaw-dropping golden moulded nose accessory linked to the engagement of Schiaparelli and Surrealism . But what left the A-list guests speechless was a golden-head carried as a bag , an apparent reminiscent of Contsantin Brancusi’s ” Sleeping Muse ” .

The collection boasted elegance , where the contribution of the otherworldly elements harmonized with the artisanal tailored clothes and the yet-daring shapes did not annul the sophisticated craftsmanship used . “We kept saying ‘Planet Schiaparelli’: I wanted to do something that looked totally unlike anybody else. Nothing else should look like this.” , Roseberry said . Like the dearly departed Thierry Mugler , Daniel Roseberry breaks the mould by following his instinct which leads him to an uncharted endless galaxy of creativity .

Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2022

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

“I only want to see you bathing in the purple rain” Photo shooting in the bath

To complete the following photo shooting it wasn’t that easy,I had to stay in the water for almost two hours while the temperature was dropping down and beside this I had to change three outfits inside the bath.

Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

Both me and my photographer Panagiotis Kadigkos belong to the water element,my star sign is Cancer and his is Pisces,so we love photo shootings in the water,or close to lakes,rivers and sea.

Water is life,it’s the first environment we experience as a foetus and according to Darwin and his theories of evolution life originated on land(and not in the ocean) but in a warm little pond,thus aqua brought in life every single living organism.

Although our approach is more fashionably and influenced by Love Magazine issue 9 from Spring/Summer 2013,hosting Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne as its covers,we accomplished it with all the respect and gratitude to the water element.

“You’re in the wind, I’m in the water

Nobody’s son, nobody’s daughter”

Chemtrails Over the Country Club
Lana Del Rey Chemtrails Over the Country Club
Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

“Body of a woman, white hills, white thighs,

you look like a world, lying in surrender.”

Body of a woman,Pablo Neruda
Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

“Time it took us
To where the water was
That’s what the water gave me
And time goes quicker
Between the two of us
Oh, my love, don’t forsake me
Take what the water gave me”

Florence +The Machine,What the water gave me

Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

“It’s in the water baby

It’s between you and me.”

Post Blue,Placebo
Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

“And your blue – is my blue – And my blue – is yours too

Your rain is wine I wish that you could say the same bout mine”

Good Job Nicky,Blue
Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

“Body of my woman, I will persist in your grace.

My thirst, my boundless desire, my shifting road!

Dark river-beds where the eternal thirst flows…

Body of a Woman,Pablo Neruda
Purple Rain,Prince

Purple rain,purple rain Purple rain, purple rain Purple rain,purple rain

I only wanted to see you bathing in the purple rain

Prince,Purple Rain

Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

Some Backstage

Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

We are not here to go mainstream,we are here to push the boundaries,to leave our mark and not to follow the safe road.More exciting things are about to be published!

Photographer: Panagiotis Kadigkos

Starring: Eleni Kadigkou

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

Lana Del Rey unveiled music video for “Chemtrails over the country club”,a song of her upcoming album with the same name

snapshot from Lana Del Rey’s videoclip

On January 11th Lana Del Rey shared online her new video clip for “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”,after the delay related to Covid-19,and gave her fans a glimpse on her upcoming 7th in a row music album.The album will finally be released on March 19.On Sunday Land also revealed the cover of the album and the track list on Instagram.

The cover of the upcoming album from Lana Del Rey’s Instagram

The aesthetic of the cover is a mixture of 50’s style with a sense of Gatsby 20’s era.

The Tracklist of the album

1.White Dress
2. Chemtrails Over the Country Club
3. Tulsa Jesus Freak
4. Let Me Love You Like a Woman
5. Wild at Heart
6. Dark But Just a Game
7. Not All Who Wander Are Lost
8. Yosemite
9. Breaking Up Slowly
10. Dance Till We Die
11. For Free (Joni Mitchell Cover)

In her new clip Lana Del Rey offers her particular aesthetic,as we have also seen on her previous cover albums and videos,the America feeling of the past decades and her love for vintage cars.In “Chemtrails over the Country Club” she drives a cherry red vintage Mercedes convertible so carefree,although she wears a crystal mesh face mask which Del Rey was criticized for wearing around fans(after the ballyhoo she stated that there was a protective plastic layer behind the mask).

In the video clip her best friends from real life also participating,Lana meets them and they have fun in the swimming pool and around the Country club wearing their pearls.But suddenly while she is driving a tornado like the one in Wizard of Oz film strikes and the scenery starting turning wild.

scene from the Wizard of Oz movie 1939

Lana and her friends turn into werewolves,while they lavish their wild instincts and a darker side of themselves.The scenery has also changed,they are in the middle of the night,not on the country club but in a forest,while the moon is full and they howling to it.The reference is clear,Lana and most of her best friends belong to the sign of Cancer(same as mine) and Cancer’s planet ruler is the moon.In the lyrics she sings “Baby, what’s your sign?
My moon’s in Leo, my Cancer is sun”.

I am not going to discuss the ballyhoo after the release and Lana statements about her circle of friends.She has been criticized once again,but if you have studied her thoroughly,watch her steps,read her lyrics and poems and have a clear image of her aesthetic and personality as I do you don’t need to be confused with the controversies on her video clip neither from the comments she made.Anyway Lana is for those who really “get her” and hopefully I am one of those.Let’s stick to her enchanting aesthetics,her beautiful lyrics and her delightful song.

Lyrics from Brooklyn babe song,Lana Del Rey

Well, I don’t care what they think
Drag racing my little red sports car
I’m not unhinged or unhappy, I’m just wild

I’m on the run with you, my sweet love
There’s nothing wrong contemplating God
Under the chemtrails over the country club
We’re in our jewels in the swimming pool
Me and my sister just playing it cool
Under the chemtrails over the country club

Lyrics from “Chemtrails over the Country Club”

The album was set to release in 2020 but due to pandemic related matters it was delayed.In October Lana dropped another track from the upcoming Album “Let me Love you Like a Woman” .

In September also she dropped her first book of poems,Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass available here.

Late night TV, I want you on me

Like when we were kids under chemtrails and country clubs

It’s never too late, baby, so don’t give up

It’s never too late, baby, so don’t give up

You’re in the wind, I’m in the water

Nobody’s son, nobody’s daughter

Watching the chemtrails over the country club

Those were the latest news on Lana Del Rey’s music,until the release of the full album.She has been on my periscope from her first years and I really love and “tune in” to her aesthetic of America of the past decades with the contemporary essence,and her lyristic approach romantic and at the same time slang and a mixture of rap culture.Soon I will publish an article on some of my favourite lyrics,quotes and poems of her.Stay tuned!

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

What does it mean to Be a woman today ? A video directed and written by Ainsley Hutchence ans produced by sticks and stones agency .

On November 8th the Sticks and Stones agency released a video titled we are woman , written and directed by the curator of the magazine Ainsley Hutchence . My very first thought it was to share it with you because we are woman and we should empower and support each other , we deserve respect and equality .

Here I quote Ainsley Hutchence’s words on the video she created :”This woman army is made up of my incredible boss friends here in QLD, Australia and not paid models.More diversity would of course been wonderful.This video is speaking from my own experiences.Being a woman these days means we can take all different paths and definitely does not need to include having babies.This is a simply reminder that women bring life into the world.Woman who chose not to or cannot have babies deserve the same respect!EQUALITY!”

Sticks and Stones agency on Instagram

Video also available on Youtube

We are women. We are women. We are not birds. We are not chicks. We are not pigs or cows or dogs or any kind of farm animal. We are not bitches or nags or psycho, or hysterical. We are not bimbos or slags or tramps or sluts or tarts or whores or cougars. We are sisters & we daughters. We grow up in a world that teaches us that being nice & polite is more important than having a voice & a point of view.

We learn to listen more than to speak, to compromise & agree more than to argue. We learn that we add value to this world through the way that we look .And are expected to live by the impossible beauty handbook. One that relentlessly reminds us for the rest of our lives, our value in this world is measured by our looks, not our drive. One day we notice blood in our underwear, and for the next 40 years we will learn how to surrender, to the cramps, sore breasts, fatigue, headaches, bleeding, Joint & muscle pain, anxiety, acne outbreaks. abdominal bloating, food cravings, constipation & diarrhoea, at the same time. Can someone please explain how you can be constipated & have diarrhoea at the same time?

Sensitivity to light, hot flushes, irritability, anxiety, changes in sleep. Yet we turn up to work as if nothing. We attract the wrong attention. We are taught rape prevention instead of consent “don’t get raped”. We police girls’ behaviour so that they don’t get harmed, and blame girls for “leading boys on”, its just your natural charm. “Boys will be boys” we say. We are exhausted. I mean, the fact that we even have to protest this shit!!! “No” does not mean “convince me”. These boots, this outfit does not mean I’m asking for it. We are scared. We move in packs because it’s safer. We make weapons with our keys as we walk to the car at night & check the back seat. We are harassed when we go to the club, the bar, the gym, to work, the fish & chip store, anywhere at night, the beach, the pool, online, walk past a fucking construction site.

One day we stop bleeding. We become mothers. We give up all the food & drinks we love & grow a new organ. In fact, our whole body changes like a fucking transformer. We give birth & experience pain & love which before now was unheard of. We are amazing employees, but we don’t get paid the same. We don’t get promoted because we might give birth again. We tire of navigating the patriarchy & cut our losses.

We start our own businesses, so we can be the bosses. People are shocked when we reach the top, but that’s not because we are less capable. It’s because we live in a world that was set up for men, where men can succeed & lead & women should support them. So yeah, when we make it we deserve a fucking parade. Look at all the shit we dealt with along the way. We are goddman mother fucking superheroes. And since the power is not given to us, We’re gonna take.

Hope that you find it interesting and important as me . We are here to share what inspire us and soon we will discuss and present more articles about social issues.Anticipating for you to react and send me your feedback and your thoughts on the video.

You can check the magazine website Sticks and Stones Agency and follow then on Instagram here and the curator Ainsley Hutchence .

Till next time

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

Healthy mushroom soup by Hara Korakaki . First Recipe from our detox weekly plan after holidays .

Happy New Year to everyone! How was your Holidays?I hope that you had a great time even though the conditions are not the appropriate.But what is better rather than gathering for Christmas dinner with family or New Years Eve with close friends?However do you feel like you overate and deviated from your diet plan?Here on Escape Karma we will publish detox recipes for the whole week.

detox text on round blue plate
Photo by Vegan Liftz on

The first recipe comes from our contributor editor Hara Korakaki . I am so glad for your feedback about her posts , it seems that you love them . Today Hara has a healthy mushroom soup for us , let’s share !

Quick and healthy mushroom soup 🍄

Recipe (serves 1):

  • 150gr mushrooms
  • 1 spring onion
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 tbsp wholemeal flour
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • onion powder
  • salt and pepper 
brown and white mushrooms in brown woven basket
Photo by carboxaldehyde on

Start by chopping mushrooms and spring onion and then place them in a non-stick pan on medium heat. After about 5 minutes or until they are cooked, add the flour. While stirring add milk, water and spices. Let it shimmer for about 20 minutes and serve warm. I served mine with cheese on grilled bread 🧀

Photo Hara Korakaki

Hara Korakaki founder of Hara’s Food Blog

We suggest to give it a try , we swear by Hara’s recipes . I am of the lucky ones who have the chance to enjoy her cooking and pastry skills ! We will reveal the detox plan tips and recipes daily ! Stay tuned !

Eleni Kadigkou Xx