Nocturnal animals , an after-hours photo story

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

Borrowing Tom Ford‘s movie title our series of two different photo shootings we did with my photographer Panagiotis Kadigkos are going to be unfold as you scroll later on . The 2016 film is a neo-noir psychological film with Tom Ford’s distinctive signature and narrative skill based on Austin Wright’s novel Tony and Susan .

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

Two parallel stories occurred during the film , Susan an artgallery-owner receives a manuscript of a novel written by her ex-husband , the book named Nocturnal animals is inspired by the nickname her ex gave to her . In the novel , an unexpected event during a family road trip in West Texas disturbs the balances . The wife and daughters were kidnapped by two men in the middle of nowhere . Later the father is being informed by a policeman about their fate , the women had been raped and murdered .

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

Fortunately , our photo-story has no relation at all with the movie script . Just the title sounded appealing to me and I associated the events that took place in the streets late at night , referring to our photo shooting and the setting where the story of the novel unfolds .

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

Just be careful who you trust late at night , even your own eyes can betray you . Mythical figures and dreamy creatures can come to life , sometimes the borderline between illusions and reality is very thin .

“I’ve always preferred mythology to history. Because history is made up of truths which eventually turn into lies, while mythology is made up of lies that eventually become truths. ” Jean Cocteau

“And if I have the good fortune to live on in your minds, it would be in mythological form.” Jean Cocteau

Nocturnal Animals ( Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ) by Abel Korzeniowski , Spotify
Video : Eleni Kadigkou
Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

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Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

More about his body of work visit his Portfolio here

Styling , make up , art direction : Panagiotis Kadigkos and Eleni Kadigkou

Starring : Eleni Kadigkou

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