Five statement emerald embellished jewelleries to invest now

Necklace Haute Joaillerie , Chopard

Emeralds have always been my favourite gemstone , what not to love about those green miracles of nature ? A pair of emerald earrings that my mother gave me as a birthday present rekindled my passion for them . Following the Haute Couture Fashion week in Paris , where Haute Joaillerie ( High Jewellery ) fashion houses presented their latest collections I picked five statement pieces to introduce you . Two of them have been shown during the Couture week in Paris this January and three of them are jewelleries designed by the A-list of Greek jewellery designers with international recognition .

Chopard Insofu emerald , an exceptional 6225-carat gemstone

An exceptional emerald named Bemba , word for ” elephant ” presented by Chopard in Paris few weeks ago . Its 6,225 carats and its high quality render it as a gemstone of striking excellence . Caroline Scheufele , co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard plans to unveil steps of the process which will lead to future wondrous pieces by this unique find . Till the new designs come to the light , Chopard presented the “Exceptional stones” collection including an emerald embellished necklace of outstanding craftmanship ideal for memorable appearances .

Necklace Haute Joaillerie , Chopard

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The third chapter of their Sixième Sens collection presented by Cartier at Paris Haute Couture week and completed a series of creations which aims to interact with human senses on their sight . The jewelleries here defined as works of art , the bold textures and the visual patterns they involve exhibit optical illusions and this exact tromp l’oeil effect intend to engage the viewers emotions . The necklace ” Synesthésie ” ,featured in the photo below ,composed of a 35,47-carat Colombian emerald accompanied by emerald and turquoise pearls with brilliant or square-cut diamonds in between . A piece of utmost beauty and craftmanship which is almost impossible not to be moved on its sight .

Necklace ” Synesthésie ” ,Cartier

Discover Cartier’s High Jewellery collection here , Cartier on Instagram

Three Greek Jewellery designers in the spotlight

Through her 30 plus years career in jewellery making Ileana Makri has to showcase a variety of elegant and sophisticated creations defined by minimalism . Although she is Greek , we could characterized her as a globetrotter , she and her designs have been traveling around the world as long as she is in the foreground . Her designs are regarded vastly and have international presence . The bracelet we choose to present in this article is inspired by the movement of water .The stream bracelet is an ideal representative of the minimal excellence , handcrafted from 18k yellow satin-finished gold embellished with bright green emeralds .

Stepping Stone Stream Bracelet , Ileana Makri

You can find Ileana Makri’s collection on her website here or at Auverture .Follow on Instagram for more here .

Since Nikos Koulis launched his own brand he has been awarded numerous times for his exceptional collections and his innovative signature design . We could say that high aesthetics and craftmanship is in his DNA as his family owns an established business in jewellery . His creations of high quality and distinctive beauty enjoy worldwide recognition but Koulis’s perpetual ingenuity refuses to be complacent and generates pieces of elaborate artistry . The pair of earrings we introduce are part of ” Oui ” collection , the most celebrated ( it has won the Couture Design award twice ) of the brand where inspiration from architecture and Art Deco are obvious . Here the Colombian emeralds are tied up in white gold , embellished with white diamonds and black enamel , signature element of the designer in this high jewellery line .

Emerald Earrings , Oui Collection , Nikos Koulis

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Last but not least on our list is a piece of the Venyx x Muzo collaboration . Eugenie Niarchos , the London-based jewellery designer of Greek origin invites us on a journey to her own planet of endless creativity , Venyx world . As a citizen of the world she has travelled to virgin territories , has come across ancient and contemporary civilizations and she is a connoisseur of art , as result her collections is an amalgam of her experiences and her imagination . Mythical figures , animals , mother earth and extraterrestial elements compose a unique scenery defined by high quality and virtuosity . The Muzo Venyx necklace is our chosen one , crafted by 18k white gold with 413,14 carats of 118 Muzo Colombian emeralds , tied up in black rhodium and embellished with 4,55 carats of 261 diamonds and 1,17 carats opal .

The Muzo Venyx necklace , with Colombian emeralds

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The five jewelleries I decided to present here are of timeless value , pieces of art to wear now and be passed on for generations .

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