Catwoman on the rooftops

Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

Have you seen the new Batman movie everyone’s talking about lately ? Me I did it two days ago . It was quite good but for someone who is obsessed with Christopher Nolan’s Batman series and is a big fan of Christian Bale nothing seems possible to surpass it .

Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

We did this photo series with the usual suspect , my photographer Panagiotis Kadigkos over a month ago and felt right to correlate it with the movie . Zoe Kravitz nailed it as Catwoman , she is irresistible as Selena and once she appears in the scenes it seems almost impossible to take your eyes off of her .

Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

Batman : Selena ,don’t throw your life away .

Catwoman : Don’t worry , honey . I got nine of ’em .

The Batman (2022)
Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

The inspiration didn’t came from the movie , it was spontaneous and derived from the clothes and the location but the references are distinct .

Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou
Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

“And the cats across the roof, mad in love, scream into drainpipes. And it’s I who am ready, ready to listen. Never tired, never sad, never guilty.”

I’m not there ,(2007)

Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou
Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

Batman : You got a lot of cats .

Catwoman : I have a thing about strays .

The Batman , 2022

The essential ingredient to create an atmosphere on films is music . The variety spans from Nirvana to Peggy Goo and from Schubert’s Ave Maria to Alesso and Frank Sinatra . The least I could characterize the soundtracks are ecstatic !

The Batman 2022 soundtracks
Photos : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou
Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou
Photo : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Model : Eleni Kadigkou

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos , Check his Portfolio here and follow him on Instagram .

Starring : Eleni Kadigkou

Concept idea , styling , hair and Make Up : Pangiotis Kadigkos and Eleni Kadigkou .

Till next time Meow !

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

Five statement emerald embellished jewelleries to invest now

Necklace Haute Joaillerie , Chopard

Emeralds have always been my favourite gemstone , what not to love about those green miracles of nature ? A pair of emerald earrings that my mother gave me as a birthday present rekindled my passion for them . Following the Haute Couture Fashion week in Paris , where Haute Joaillerie ( High Jewellery ) fashion houses presented their latest collections I picked five statement pieces to introduce you . Two of them have been shown during the Couture week in Paris this January and three of them are jewelleries designed by the A-list of Greek jewellery designers with international recognition .

Chopard Insofu emerald , an exceptional 6225-carat gemstone

An exceptional emerald named Bemba , word for ” elephant ” presented by Chopard in Paris few weeks ago . Its 6,225 carats and its high quality render it as a gemstone of striking excellence . Caroline Scheufele , co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard plans to unveil steps of the process which will lead to future wondrous pieces by this unique find . Till the new designs come to the light , Chopard presented the “Exceptional stones” collection including an emerald embellished necklace of outstanding craftmanship ideal for memorable appearances .

Necklace Haute Joaillerie , Chopard

Find more about Chopard here and follow them on Instagram

The third chapter of their Sixième Sens collection presented by Cartier at Paris Haute Couture week and completed a series of creations which aims to interact with human senses on their sight . The jewelleries here defined as works of art , the bold textures and the visual patterns they involve exhibit optical illusions and this exact tromp l’oeil effect intend to engage the viewers emotions . The necklace ” Synesthésie ” ,featured in the photo below ,composed of a 35,47-carat Colombian emerald accompanied by emerald and turquoise pearls with brilliant or square-cut diamonds in between . A piece of utmost beauty and craftmanship which is almost impossible not to be moved on its sight .

Necklace ” Synesthésie ” ,Cartier

Discover Cartier’s High Jewellery collection here , Cartier on Instagram

Three Greek Jewellery designers in the spotlight

Through her 30 plus years career in jewellery making Ileana Makri has to showcase a variety of elegant and sophisticated creations defined by minimalism . Although she is Greek , we could characterized her as a globetrotter , she and her designs have been traveling around the world as long as she is in the foreground . Her designs are regarded vastly and have international presence . The bracelet we choose to present in this article is inspired by the movement of water .The stream bracelet is an ideal representative of the minimal excellence , handcrafted from 18k yellow satin-finished gold embellished with bright green emeralds .

Stepping Stone Stream Bracelet , Ileana Makri

You can find Ileana Makri’s collection on her website here or at Auverture .Follow on Instagram for more here .

Since Nikos Koulis launched his own brand he has been awarded numerous times for his exceptional collections and his innovative signature design . We could say that high aesthetics and craftmanship is in his DNA as his family owns an established business in jewellery . His creations of high quality and distinctive beauty enjoy worldwide recognition but Koulis’s perpetual ingenuity refuses to be complacent and generates pieces of elaborate artistry . The pair of earrings we introduce are part of ” Oui ” collection , the most celebrated ( it has won the Couture Design award twice ) of the brand where inspiration from architecture and Art Deco are obvious . Here the Colombian emeralds are tied up in white gold , embellished with white diamonds and black enamel , signature element of the designer in this high jewellery line .

Emerald Earrings , Oui Collection , Nikos Koulis

Learn more about Nikos Koulis and his collections here , follow him on Instagram

Shop his creations at Auverture

Last but not least on our list is a piece of the Venyx x Muzo collaboration . Eugenie Niarchos , the London-based jewellery designer of Greek origin invites us on a journey to her own planet of endless creativity , Venyx world . As a citizen of the world she has travelled to virgin territories , has come across ancient and contemporary civilizations and she is a connoisseur of art , as result her collections is an amalgam of her experiences and her imagination . Mythical figures , animals , mother earth and extraterrestial elements compose a unique scenery defined by high quality and virtuosity . The Muzo Venyx necklace is our chosen one , crafted by 18k white gold with 413,14 carats of 118 Muzo Colombian emeralds , tied up in black rhodium and embellished with 4,55 carats of 261 diamonds and 1,17 carats opal .

The Muzo Venyx necklace , with Colombian emeralds

Your journey to Venyx Planet could start here , follow also on Instagram

For the collaboration with Muzo visit this link and get social here .

Shop also at Auverture .

The five jewelleries I decided to present here are of timeless value , pieces of art to wear now and be passed on for generations .

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

” My back fire’s burning bright Maybe I’ll go out tonight ” Milkwhite , the Greek brand you need to know

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos , dress Milkwhite

If there is a colour which fits like a glove to ginger-haired people with pale skin , this is definitely the green and its shades . And Milkwhite’s hHome collection have to offer a variety of sophisticated options . Their green printed wrapped dress was my choice for the photo shooting which is about to be unveiled in this article .

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos , dress Milkwhite

But which is the fashion label I have been talking about ? Milkwhite is a Greek brand launched by Dimitris Bairabas back in 2015 but lately have been in the international spotlight . To mention a few , Winnie Harlow , Shay Mitchell , Kate Perry and Adriana Lima are among their A-list clients .

Milwhite on Instagram
Milkwhite on Instagram

Their elegant , ultramodern-yet collections caught the attention of the fashion world and the brand currently is thriving . Garments of outstanding excellence and bold accessories compose a mood board which is able to make you go green !

Beside the high aesthetics of their campaigns , remarkable are the unique selection of faces and diversity of the models they choose not to mention exceptional . Keep us amazed Milkwhite !

” My black fire’s burning bright

Maybe I’ll go out tonight “

Serial Killer , Lana Del Rey

” I’m so hot, I ignite

Dancing in the dark and I shine

Like a light “

Serial Killer , Lana Del Rey
Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

” Said , you know I love the thrill of the rush

You know I love the thrill of the rush “

Seral Killer , Lana Del Rey
From my TikTok
Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos
Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

To find out more about Milkwhite visit their website here and follow them on Instagram .

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos

Starring : Eleni Kadigkou

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Schiaparelli’s out-of-this world Spring 2022 Couture Collection was a blast off to an uncharted and futuristic planet

                                             Photos Courtesy of Schiaparelli

Since 2019 , when the House of Schiaparelli appointed Daniel Roseberry as artistic director , his creations draw the attention of the fashion crowd with numerous magazine covers , dithyrambic reviews and memorable red carpet appearances . But it wasn’t until Monday the 24th of January , where the designer kicked off the Paris Haute Couture Week , that he held his first live show for the house . When the collection , called an ” An Age of Discipline ” , began to unfold in front of the audience aroused ecstatic feelings and it was just the begining of an intergalactic journey to the Schiaparelli planet . The deliberate use of a-three-coloured pallet , black , white and the characteristic gold of the fashion house , in addition with the minimal lines left space for spectacular ornaments , sculptured jewelleries and accessories .

The subtraction of volumes and the lack of colour was anything but uninspired , the models were orbiting in an inventive brand new universe borrowing the rings of Saturn . The woman in this collection was a peculiar amalgam of the ancient times , like Egypt and ancient Greece , and the extraterrestial futuristic vision . She once was a priestess , obvious references like crosses and headpieces made their appearance , kidnapped by the aliens to a-time-machine journey only to came back as Medusa , other times as a goddess or a hybrid of fictional and earthy creature . Haute Couture finds here its best expression , elegant silk dresses , velvet pants and organza garments imbued with engineering skills , accompanied by fine-arted equipment . This collection could grab you from the hand , yes those astonishing golden-sculptered coral-like hands , to a fashion realm no one ever touched down before .

Nonetheless inspiration was not limited to the aforementioned , as Mariacarla Boscono were slowly walking like a fountain which were gushing gold , felt like the monumental moment when Duchamp inserted his ready-mades to the artworld .To continue the baguettes made of gold , the conical busters , the radial crown and the jaw-dropping golden moulded nose accessory linked to the engagement of Schiaparelli and Surrealism . But what left the A-list guests speechless was a golden-head carried as a bag , an apparent reminiscent of Contsantin Brancusi’s ” Sleeping Muse ” .

The collection boasted elegance , where the contribution of the otherworldly elements harmonized with the artisanal tailored clothes and the yet-daring shapes did not annul the sophisticated craftsmanship used . “We kept saying ‘Planet Schiaparelli’: I wanted to do something that looked totally unlike anybody else. Nothing else should look like this.” , Roseberry said . Like the dearly departed Thierry Mugler , Daniel Roseberry breaks the mould by following his instinct which leads him to an uncharted endless galaxy of creativity .

Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2022

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

The”Valli Experience”: Giambattista Valli introduced a fashion film where Haute Couture and ready-to-wear collections alternated with harmony

In the midst of a growing health crisis due to the Omicron variant with thousands of Covid cases recorded in Paris , Giambattista Valli decided to offer us a film in place of a live show , where Spring 2022 Haute Couture was revealed simultaneously with ready-to-wear pre-fall 2022 . In this film the viewers became eyewitnesses of the savoir-faire of the designer and the philosophy of the brand , where craftsmanship and luxurious fabrics parade in an harmonious way whether it was a larger-than-life tulle gown or a tweed deux-pièces .

The combination of the two collections was not a coincidence at all , rather than a gamechanger , an invitation to meet the Valli DNA at the core . “ I thought , I want to take the viewers’ hand and walk them through all the floors of the maison, to show that whether it’s a candle, an haute couture dress, or a t-shirt, we put the same expertise into the making . ” , as the designer declared .

Photos Courtesy of Giambattista Valli

Valli’s profound knowledge and his reference at the past is pretty obvious ; a Givenchy and Cristobal Balenciaga essence , inspirational 60’s vibes , the hair style and the A-line dresses ; nevertheless he is taking a step forward , totally aligned with the needs of a contemporary woman . Something we ascertain by the presence of the cheetah print , the powerful figures dressed in suits and the rich colour pallet spanning from black to pink , from magenta to orange .

In a whimsical scenery , the sumptuous textures of the garments highlight the aesthetic of the brand . Taffeta , faille , guipure, embellished silver , tweed and the characteristic tulle extravagant gowns delivered straight the vision of the Valli feminine . A woman well aware of her romantic genes and her dynamic personality at the same time although being romantic doesn’t mean helpless at all ; feels more like a rebellious act in the era of raw reality and cynicism .

The use of orange colour either on a large scale or in details such as the lurex golden buttoned suits forebode optimism , the off-shoulder dresses draw attention to a part of the body that doesn’t shout distinct sexiness and the upper-body voluminous pieces reveal the legs wrapped in lavish hosiery ; the kind of those which Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton would have hastened to photoshoot .

The dramatic eyeliner , the elongated figures and the protruding feathers composed a symphonic melody by a skilful conductor , Giambattista himself , to a prelude where models resembled mythic birds . Embodying successfully the females of our times ready to open their wings to fly to the destination of their undisclosed desires . Valli is not only a genius designer when it comes to craftmanship but also when it comes to emotional intelligence , born under the water sign of Cancer as me , he is the master of touching details and of the undisguised lyricism of the garments .


Photo Courtesy Of Giambattista Valli

For more visit

From Alejandra Guell’s instagram
From Hautedits instagram

Glad to have met Giambattista Valli himself , such a charismatic designer and a kind human being .

Eleni Kadigkou and Giambattista Valli,Mykonos summer 2021

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

6 Greek fashion brands which pay homage to the street style culture

Here on Escape Karma we are excited every time we spot Greek Fashion Brands which have to display remarkable work!Today we introduce you six of them,renowned for their street style cultural dimension while we meet on their collections unisex clothes and among their fans are all the cool boys and girls of the country.Let’s meet them!

Hard.Clo, The Progressive Brand

Hard.clo is a George Mesimeris visual project,as a young Athens-based fashion stylist he had the ability to feel the beat of his own city and the emotional intelligence to see through the multicultural population we meet in the centre of Athens.His brand is not only about fashion but it has a humanitarian and cultural approach,as it supports the inalienable right of someone’s unique identity,cultural background and freedom of using his own language,respecting by this way the immigrants and refugees who came in Greece the past few years.Its signature is the English words written in Cyrillic alphabet.Their moto is be a storyteller ,we couldn’t agree more!

You can shop Hard.Clo here and follow them on Instagram.

HVNT clo ,The original Street Culture Brand

Hvnt clo is a brand also based in Athens Greece and more specific in the area of Galatsi.The past few years they have been sharing their authentic and street culture aesthetic by providing and manufacturing high quality products.They draw inspiration by the daily life of independent and unique people also from art,music and fashion.Their signature design style is minimalistic and timeless.Recently they collaborated with Karavan,a female fashion brand and the outcome is a mixture of the simplicity HVNT demonstrates with the colourful patterns Karavan has been releasing so far.

You can shop HVNT clo and their collaboration with Karavan here and follow them on Instagram.

For Karavan X HVNT viist here also and follow them on Instagram.

Vathos Apparel,The Ethical Brand

Vathos Apparel is another Greek Fashion Brand based also in Athens but their philosophy is eco-friendly and they focus on sustainability by being responsible towards the society.Their collections spans from womenswear and accessories to unisex apparel.Their main goal is to reduce the ecological footprint and raise awareness on the environmental impact of fashion by choosing carefully environmental friendly materials and has as a priority the responsibility towards humanity and the ecosystem.Their lines are simple but the quality remains indisputable.

You can shop Vathos Appareal here and follow them on Instagram.

Hackney,The Dreamers from the North brand

We switching location and from Athens we transfer ourselves to the North and more specifically to Thessaloniki,Greece.Hackney is a Greek Fashion brand based in Thessaloniki established by two young friends and as they manifest their collections are products of their wildest dreams.Their apparel are oriented towards male and female alternative young people.On their collection we are able to spot references to Japan and manga culture as well to tattoo art too.

You can shop Hackney clothing here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Ruckers,The athletic and street brand

Ruckers Athletic Street Dept is another excellent sample of Greek uprising fashion brands.If you are a basketball fan you have already made the link between the name of the brand and the famous Rucker court in Harlem.The street culture and people who strive and never give up inspire them also.Their mission is to design products which correspond to great quality and performance.

You can shop through their Facebook shop here and follow them on Instagram.

OHET,The handmade streetwear brand

Last but not least we introduce you the OHET brand which have been providing Athenian handmade apparel.As the previous ones it addressed to boys and girls who are willing to make the difference,their collection spans from cool and minimal T-shirts,to crewnecks and hoodies in a nice arrangement of colours and also to bucket hats.You will be able to spot their reference on tattoo art on some of their products too.Their authenticity is distinct through their collection.

You can shop OHET clothes here and follow them on Instagram.

We support people who are innovative,who has a cultural background and who are willing tobreak the rules in order to make their own.Our applause to all the brands we mentioned above!If you own any items of them,don’t hesitate and send us your photos!We will upload on our Instagram account and we will tag you!

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

Tatiana Verstraeten’s masterpieces are the jewelries you need to shine bright this christmas ,how a pupil of Karl Lagerfeld’s redefine the Haute Joaillerie

First of all I would like to thank Tatiana Verstraeten and her press team for the trust they’ve shown me and send me the original images and the information required to write this article .

Tatiana Verstraeten ,herself is the epitome of elegance and fragile beauty , how her creations couldn’t reflect this ?Her jewelries demonstrate sophistication and artisan virtuosity , in her first collection we can spot references to the 20’s but with a modern and contemporary twist .

Tatiana Verstraeten Jewelry , Stars Collection , Ear cuff made with 18k gold and diamonds

Tatiana studied Business Management , but she grew up among her mother’s atelier , who happens to be a doctor and an artist too . She first helped Maison Michel (my personal favourite Couture millinery ) to establish their luxurious hat brand , then she met up with Anthony Vacarello ,a young promising designer back then with a brilliant career now . However, it was her assignment to Chanel as an accessories and jewelries designer , which mend to be the milestone to her career . She had the chance to be a pupil and a close one of the long-time legendary Chanel’s designer Karl Lagerfeld , both star sign is Virgo , perfection , precision and high aesthetics are characteristics of their work .

It was in 2018 when she decided that her collaboration with Chanel gave her all the qualifications to establish her own brand in the jewelry industry .Fortunately for us , in January 2019 , Tatiana launched her eponymous fine jewelry collection at 24 Place Vendôme in Paris .Her signature and remarkable piece the “Diamonds Rain” fringe earrings caught the attention and was revealed at British Vogue . But soon gain the recognition and the respect of the experts in the profession of fine jewelry and craftmanship .

Diamonds Rain Fringe Earrings made with 18k gold and diamonds , Stars Collection

Her creations draw inspiration from the intangible ,from a movement around her or the nature as she has stated on her interviews . Here on Escape Karma her fringe earrings offered us an imaginary travel to the desert of Atacama and the rain of stars , and because it’s Christmas time it also remind us of the snowy winter wonderland of the Niagara Falls in Canada .

I have no other star. You are my replica
of the multiplying universe.

Your wide eyes are the only light I know
from extinguished constellations;
your skin throbs like the streak
of a meteor through rain.

Sonnet XVI , Pablo Neruda

Tatiana Verstraeten has not only came to stay but to leave her own mark and signature on the fine jewelry world .Her innovations in craftmanship and her unique style and perceptiveness are distinctive on her creations .Once you look at her pieces of art you can’t get over them , they leave you speechless of their spectacular artistry .

Tatiana Verstraeten on her Own Stars , Fringe Earrings

Her high aesthetics didn’t stay secret for a long time , her jewelries caught the attention of renowned stylists around the world , and we spoted artists and celebrities choosing her creations on the red carpet . Some notable names to refer among them is Cate Blanchett , Emma Watson, Emilia Clarke and the list goes on .

Daisy Ridley wearing Tatiana Verstraeten Jewelry on the red carpet

Nevertheless Tatiana beside her creative personality demonstrates an activistic and philanthropic character .She has a 3year partneship with UN Women France , an organization who focus on gender equality and the empowerment of woman , her brand also participated in the “Creatives for Lebanon ” a jewelry auction along with Sotheby’s to support and rebuild Lebanon . More about those actions and also for the upcoming ones you check here .

Her Jewelery atelier located at 24 Place Vendôme ,( for the connoisseurs ),the epicenter of French high jewelry. To visit her space and have a private meeting you need to book an appointment first . Due to Covid-19 and the strict health policies in France her physical shop is temporarily closed . But you can shop online her signature pieces on her website here or at Moda Operandi .

Let’s pay homage to this otherworldly and cosmic beauty , Tatiana Vesrtraeten’s Jewelries .

The Stars , the stars nobody watch the stars …

Stars , Monsieur Minimal

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night over the Rhone is one of the greatest paintings he created during his life , we value Tatiana’s gemstones in a corresponding level .

I wish you ‘ll always be the one
The one that you will always smile
I watch the stars every night
I see them shining into your eyes Cause you, you are the one
You are the sweetest part of my life
My world is you
Cause you live in stars

My World is you , Monsieur Minimal

“Your arms start from the back because they were once wings .”

Martha Graham (ballet dancer and choreographer )

My favourite of all is the polaroid above , I own a polaroid camera too and I love to capture moments and feelings that you can’t reproduce again , and the Barbara Set that displays because of my personal engagement with ballet .This red-carpet creation, that took more than a year to complete, is inspired by the vibrant costumes of the Opera-ballet and the theatrical French singer of the same name.

escape_karma Instagram

That was an ode to the Haute Joaillerie of Tatiana Verstraeten . She redefines the jewelry industry with her ground-breaking ideas that come to life through the craftmanship , as all the innovative designers and pioneers do .

You can follow Tatiana Verstraeten on Instagram here and on her professional Instagram account here .

To learn more about her and her creations or place your orders visit her website .

Jewelries available also on

I simply adore each and every piece of her collections , I applause her efforts and I look forward to what she holds for us in the future .

With all my love and respect on Tatiana Verstraeten and her masterpieces-jewelries .

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

“Le Chateau Des Dames “Chanel Metiers D’art 2020/21 Fashion Show Review

For 18 consecutive years the month of December is entwined with Chanel Metiers D’art Show . Τhe previous years this collection would travel around the world , who can get over shows like Paris-Salzburg , Paris-Dallas or Paris-New York ? But we are facing a pandemic and travelling seems like a science fiction scenario , under those specific and strict circumstances the emblematic fashion house decided to have the show in Paris and with one and only guest , a Chanel ambassador so far Kristen Stewart .

Kristen Stewart

This year ,on the 3rd of December ,the show of the 2020/21 Métiers d’art collection was held at the Château de Chenonceau, located in the Loire Valley and also known as “Le Château des Dames” . The location was perfectly selected , because of its link and resemblance with some of the emblematic characteristics of Chanel fashion house and Gabriel Chanel herself , such as the double CC , the lion favourite symbol of Coco and her star sign also , the black and white .Catherine de’ Medici’s , (was among the notable women residents of the castle ) emblem was a monogram composed of two intertwined Cs, just like that of Chanel . Inside the building there are some tapestries displaying representations with lions and in the garden there are sculptures of the king of the animals . In the large hall where the collection presented , the black and white chequered motif on the floor was reminiscent of a life-size game of checkers, black and white has been Chanel’s signature so far . Photos were taken by the super talented and pioneer fashion and fine arts photographer Juergen Teller .

Photos Juergen Teller

For this collection Chanel enlisted some of her long-time collaborators and pay homage to their skills of artisan , like Massaro for the shoes , my personal favourite Maison Michel for the exceptional hats ,embroiderers from Lesage and Atelier Montex .

What is obvious once you observe the outfits is the reference and the ode to the renaissance era , since the early years of the castle , but beautifully harmonized with a rock and punk attitude related to the modern era . The collar and the lace, the delicate patterns and the jewellery on the curly hairs bring memories of a past era but the dynamic black dresses , the eye-make up , the rock twist on the accessories are related to the woman of the 21st century .

In a further reading we begin to isolate and spot the trends of the collection . The fascinating hats , the outstanding belts ,some of them had embroidery of the facet of the castle ,the mini bags , the off shoulder dresses .

Another highlight of the show was the magnificent and avant-garde soundtrack selected by the fashion’s leading sound director Michel Gaubert .

Chanel on Instagram

Chanel has already a list of the songs available on apple music

Our applause to Virginie Viard for the Metiers D’Art 2020/21 collection . She managed to respond to the contemporary era and to the current circumstances while pandemic is still an invisible enemy , the isolated castle , the return at “home ” in this case the show was held domestic , the one and only guest but also the excellent quality of streaming and how they organized the “digital” invitations for the guests . Concerning the fashion facts , the mixture of past and present is harmonized , the woman of this collection gazes at the bright future , she lives in the present moment but her spirit and roots are connected to the past .

Photo Juergen Teller

A more detailed article about the beauty trends of the show and how to transform yourself in a Chanel girl will be available on Escape Karma the forthcoming days .

Eleni Kadigkou Xx