“Le Chateau Des Dames “Chanel Metiers D’art 2020/21 Fashion Show Review

For 18 consecutive years the month of December is entwined with Chanel Metiers D’art Show . Τhe previous years this collection would travel around the world , who can get over shows like Paris-Salzburg , Paris-Dallas or Paris-New York ? But we are facing a pandemic and travelling seems like a science fiction scenario , under those specific and strict circumstances the emblematic fashion house decided to have the show in Paris and with one and only guest , a Chanel ambassador so far Kristen Stewart .

Kristen Stewart

This year ,on the 3rd of December ,the show of the 2020/21 Métiers d’art collection was held at the Château de Chenonceau, located in the Loire Valley and also known as “Le Château des Dames” . The location was perfectly selected , because of its link and resemblance with some of the emblematic characteristics of Chanel fashion house and Gabriel Chanel herself , such as the double CC , the lion favourite symbol of Coco and her star sign also , the black and white .Catherine de’ Medici’s , (was among the notable women residents of the castle ) emblem was a monogram composed of two intertwined Cs, just like that of Chanel . Inside the building there are some tapestries displaying representations with lions and in the garden there are sculptures of the king of the animals . In the large hall where the collection presented , the black and white chequered motif on the floor was reminiscent of a life-size game of checkers, black and white has been Chanel’s signature so far . Photos were taken by the super talented and pioneer fashion and fine arts photographer Juergen Teller .

Photos Juergen Teller

For this collection Chanel enlisted some of her long-time collaborators and pay homage to their skills of artisan , like Massaro for the shoes , my personal favourite Maison Michel for the exceptional hats ,embroiderers from Lesage and Atelier Montex .

What is obvious once you observe the outfits is the reference and the ode to the renaissance era , since the early years of the castle , but beautifully harmonized with a rock and punk attitude related to the modern era . The collar and the lace, the delicate patterns and the jewellery on the curly hairs bring memories of a past era but the dynamic black dresses , the eye-make up , the rock twist on the accessories are related to the woman of the 21st century .

In a further reading we begin to isolate and spot the trends of the collection . The fascinating hats , the outstanding belts ,some of them had embroidery of the facet of the castle ,the mini bags , the off shoulder dresses .

Another highlight of the show was the magnificent and avant-garde soundtrack selected by the fashion’s leading sound director Michel Gaubert .

Chanel on Instagram

Chanel has already a list of the songs available on apple music

Our applause to Virginie Viard for the Metiers D’Art 2020/21 collection . She managed to respond to the contemporary era and to the current circumstances while pandemic is still an invisible enemy , the isolated castle , the return at “home ” in this case the show was held domestic , the one and only guest but also the excellent quality of streaming and how they organized the “digital” invitations for the guests . Concerning the fashion facts , the mixture of past and present is harmonized , the woman of this collection gazes at the bright future , she lives in the present moment but her spirit and roots are connected to the past .

Photo Juergen Teller

A more detailed article about the beauty trends of the show and how to transform yourself in a Chanel girl will be available on Escape Karma the forthcoming days .

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