Before you say ” I’m extra” and “too much”, ask yourself… are you even “enough “? The importance of ”being you” .

Have you ever felt “guilty” or like others judge you behind your back for being too much of everything ? If you happen to have an exuberant personality and deviate behaviour , such as me , you ‘d probably understand what I mean . But since when should we keep our madness and uniqueness secret? Should we all be mysterious , secretive , sedate and live a quiet and private life ?

What I can recall from my childhood and also from the reports of my family ,is that I used to be an hyperactive (yeah never not dancing ) child , above the average social , curious about everything , reading books since 4 years old , organizing home made theatrical plays with my brother and pretending to be a journalist while interviewing my grandparents . Growing up and keeping that curiosity alive , external factors such as my experiences , travelling , art , music , the interaction with other interesting people , added more intriguing pieces to the puzzle of my personality . Nevertheless , I am not here to explain or apologize for who I am , but to discuss with you the fact of first accepting yourself , celebrate it and never have to hide it form others .

The world right now feels like been divided by two counterbalancing and diametrical opposite forces , on the one hand we have over-exposure and information overload and on the other hidden secrets and secrecy .Which is your role on this society ,are you the loud or the quiet ones ? The balance is the key word and after all never have to follow the masses but live by your own beat . If it feels ok to dance and talk too much and share your beautiful thoughts , your art , your special talent then do it , but do it because it arises from the inside , not fake it ,we should distinguish this . Otherwise if your private or professional life , your personality , ideas and talents are a personal matter it’s your choice to keep it silent .

Nonetheless , I belong to the crazy ones , the exuberant and liberated human beings . Imagine a society without this kind of people , if everything was meant to be kept secret how many great artworks , actors and films , emblematic books or notable people the world would be missing ? Planet earth is not a graveyard but our personal theatrical scene to play the role one has been given .

The roles I’ve been playing during the photoshootings or my daily life are inextricably entwined with my life and experiences . They are part of my vision of the world , a world of fantasies . If i am about to give you an advice it would be this: keep the young child alive , whenever you are connected with your intuition act , never doubt about yourself and life choices when your heart beats and your mind is clear . Intelligence is not only the maths and physics , offer your unique perspective , be inventive , and provide your ground-breaking ideas even when they seem so weird or so ahead of your time .

In the end when you leave the physical world what would you like it to be your legacy and your contribution to humanity , other than your true self , the kindness you’ve shown so far , the “gift” of being one of its kind ? Never be afraid or be reluctant on sharing love , emotions , ideas , perspectives , opinions . Celebrate and embrace yourself not in egopathy and egocentric way but in a way that others respect and eventually accept .

“All I can do is be me ,whoever that is “

Bob Dylan
Have you ever thought of writing a book ? People like me don't write books . We're written about .

I will be back with more thoughts related to matters such as the one that you have just read .It would be great if you share with me your opinion about the importance of being you and how you respond and adjust your personality in the modern society .

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

Photos on the article : Panagiotis Kadigkos

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2 thoughts on “Before you say ” I’m extra” and “too much”, ask yourself… are you even “enough “? The importance of ”being you” .

  1. Δε μας ειπε ποτε κανεις ποσο δυσκολο ειναι να αποδεχτεις και να εισαι ο εαυτος σου.
    Οπως ειπες οχι εγωκεντρικα αλλα πηγαια και ουσιαστικα,με την αυρα και την θεληση να αγαπας τον εαυτο σου γιατι αγαπας τα παντα γυρω σου και θελεις και αξιζεις το καλο,οπως το καλο αξιζει καθε ανθρωπος πανω στη γη!
    Δε μας λεει και κανεις,
    ποσο λυτρωτικο,ποσο απεριγραπτα ομορφο και ηδονικο ειναι να εισαι καλα με τον εαυτο σου,να αποδεχεσαι τον εαυτο σου,να τολμας να εισαι Εσυ,σε καθε στιγμη της ημερας στην ζωη σου!
    Εσυ ,που πλυμμηριζεις μεσα σου ,την αληθεια σου και την τιμας και την υπηρετεις.
    Εσυ,Εγω,Εμεις,Εκεινοι ειμαστε μοναδικοι.
    Η μοναδικοτητα,η προσωπικοτητα,το ταπεραμεντο,η ιδιοσυγκρασια,ο χαρακτηρας,το ταλεντο ειναι στοιχεια της ανθρωπινης φυσης.
    Οσο παρισσοτερο αγαπαμε και ακουμε το μεσα μας τοσο πιο αρμονικα,ενωμενα,εξελιξιμα και ενορχηστρωμενα θα ειναι.
    Ο λογος σου ειναι υπεροχος και αληθινος οπως κι εσυ!
    Σ ευχαριστουμε γι’αυτο το υπεροχο αρθρο!
    Μας μεταφερεις τον ψυχισμο σου,το πνευμα σου,την Αληθεια σου και μας δινεις ωραιες πασες για σκεψη και αναζητηση.

    Σε φιλω !
    Σ ευχαριστω!
    Κατερινα Οκ.

    1. Πόσο υπέροχη τοποθέτηση.Εξαιρετκό κείμενο.Χαίρομαι που το βρήκες ενδιαφέρον.

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