6 Greek fashion brands which pay homage to the street style culture

Here on Escape Karma we are excited every time we spot Greek Fashion Brands which have to display remarkable work!Today we introduce you six of them,renowned for their street style cultural dimension while we meet on their collections unisex clothes and among their fans are all the cool boys and girls of the country.Let’s meet them!

Hard.Clo, The Progressive Brand

Hard.clo is a George Mesimeris visual project,as a young Athens-based fashion stylist he had the ability to feel the beat of his own city and the emotional intelligence to see through the multicultural population we meet in the centre of Athens.His brand is not only about fashion but it has a humanitarian and cultural approach,as it supports the inalienable right of someone’s unique identity,cultural background and freedom of using his own language,respecting by this way the immigrants and refugees who came in Greece the past few years.Its signature is the English words written in Cyrillic alphabet.Their moto is be a storyteller ,we couldn’t agree more!

You can shop Hard.Clo here and follow them on Instagram.

HVNT clo ,The original Street Culture Brand

Hvnt clo is a brand also based in Athens Greece and more specific in the area of Galatsi.The past few years they have been sharing their authentic and street culture aesthetic by providing and manufacturing high quality products.They draw inspiration by the daily life of independent and unique people also from art,music and fashion.Their signature design style is minimalistic and timeless.Recently they collaborated with Karavan,a female fashion brand and the outcome is a mixture of the simplicity HVNT demonstrates with the colourful patterns Karavan has been releasing so far.

You can shop HVNT clo and their collaboration with Karavan here and follow them on Instagram.

For Karavan X HVNT viist here also and follow them on Instagram.

Vathos Apparel,The Ethical Brand

Vathos Apparel is another Greek Fashion Brand based also in Athens but their philosophy is eco-friendly and they focus on sustainability by being responsible towards the society.Their collections spans from womenswear and accessories to unisex apparel.Their main goal is to reduce the ecological footprint and raise awareness on the environmental impact of fashion by choosing carefully environmental friendly materials and has as a priority the responsibility towards humanity and the ecosystem.Their lines are simple but the quality remains indisputable.

You can shop Vathos Appareal here and follow them on Instagram.

Hackney,The Dreamers from the North brand

We switching location and from Athens we transfer ourselves to the North and more specifically to Thessaloniki,Greece.Hackney is a Greek Fashion brand based in Thessaloniki established by two young friends and as they manifest their collections are products of their wildest dreams.Their apparel are oriented towards male and female alternative young people.On their collection we are able to spot references to Japan and manga culture as well to tattoo art too.

You can shop Hackney clothing here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Ruckers,The athletic and street brand

Ruckers Athletic Street Dept is another excellent sample of Greek uprising fashion brands.If you are a basketball fan you have already made the link between the name of the brand and the famous Rucker court in Harlem.The street culture and people who strive and never give up inspire them also.Their mission is to design products which correspond to great quality and performance.

You can shop through their Facebook shop here and follow them on Instagram.

OHET,The handmade streetwear brand

Last but not least we introduce you the OHET brand which have been providing Athenian handmade apparel.As the previous ones it addressed to boys and girls who are willing to make the difference,their collection spans from cool and minimal T-shirts,to crewnecks and hoodies in a nice arrangement of colours and also to bucket hats.You will be able to spot their reference on tattoo art on some of their products too.Their authenticity is distinct through their collection.

You can shop OHET clothes here and follow them on Instagram.

We support people who are innovative,who has a cultural background and who are willing tobreak the rules in order to make their own.Our applause to all the brands we mentioned above!If you own any items of them,don’t hesitate and send us your photos!We will upload on our Instagram account and we will tag you!

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