Tatiana Verstraeten’s masterpieces are the jewelries you need to shine bright this christmas ,how a pupil of Karl Lagerfeld’s redefine the Haute Joaillerie

First of all I would like to thank Tatiana Verstraeten and her press team for the trust they’ve shown me and send me the original images and the information required to write this article .

Tatiana Verstraeten ,herself is the epitome of elegance and fragile beauty , how her creations couldn’t reflect this ?Her jewelries demonstrate sophistication and artisan virtuosity , in her first collection we can spot references to the 20’s but with a modern and contemporary twist .

Tatiana Verstraeten Jewelry , Stars Collection , Ear cuff made with 18k gold and diamonds

Tatiana studied Business Management , but she grew up among her mother’s atelier , who happens to be a doctor and an artist too . She first helped Maison Michel (my personal favourite Couture millinery ) to establish their luxurious hat brand , then she met up with Anthony Vacarello ,a young promising designer back then with a brilliant career now . However, it was her assignment to Chanel as an accessories and jewelries designer , which mend to be the milestone to her career . She had the chance to be a pupil and a close one of the long-time legendary Chanel’s designer Karl Lagerfeld , both star sign is Virgo , perfection , precision and high aesthetics are characteristics of their work .

It was in 2018 when she decided that her collaboration with Chanel gave her all the qualifications to establish her own brand in the jewelry industry .Fortunately for us , in January 2019 , Tatiana launched her eponymous fine jewelry collection at 24 Place Vendôme in Paris .Her signature and remarkable piece the “Diamonds Rain” fringe earrings caught the attention and was revealed at British Vogue . But soon gain the recognition and the respect of the experts in the profession of fine jewelry and craftmanship .

Diamonds Rain Fringe Earrings made with 18k gold and diamonds , Stars Collection

Her creations draw inspiration from the intangible ,from a movement around her or the nature as she has stated on her interviews . Here on Escape Karma her fringe earrings offered us an imaginary travel to the desert of Atacama and the rain of stars , and because it’s Christmas time it also remind us of the snowy winter wonderland of the Niagara Falls in Canada .

I have no other star. You are my replica
of the multiplying universe.

Your wide eyes are the only light I know
from extinguished constellations;
your skin throbs like the streak
of a meteor through rain.

Sonnet XVI , Pablo Neruda

Tatiana Verstraeten has not only came to stay but to leave her own mark and signature on the fine jewelry world .Her innovations in craftmanship and her unique style and perceptiveness are distinctive on her creations .Once you look at her pieces of art you can’t get over them , they leave you speechless of their spectacular artistry .

Tatiana Verstraeten on her Own Stars , Fringe Earrings

Her high aesthetics didn’t stay secret for a long time , her jewelries caught the attention of renowned stylists around the world , and we spoted artists and celebrities choosing her creations on the red carpet . Some notable names to refer among them is Cate Blanchett , Emma Watson, Emilia Clarke and the list goes on .

Daisy Ridley wearing Tatiana Verstraeten Jewelry on the red carpet

Nevertheless Tatiana beside her creative personality demonstrates an activistic and philanthropic character .She has a 3year partneship with UN Women France , an organization who focus on gender equality and the empowerment of woman , her brand also participated in the “Creatives for Lebanon ” a jewelry auction along with Sotheby’s to support and rebuild Lebanon . More about those actions and also for the upcoming ones you check here .

Her Jewelery atelier located at 24 Place Vendôme ,( for the connoisseurs ),the epicenter of French high jewelry. To visit her space and have a private meeting you need to book an appointment first . Due to Covid-19 and the strict health policies in France her physical shop is temporarily closed . But you can shop online her signature pieces on her website here or at Moda Operandi .

Let’s pay homage to this otherworldly and cosmic beauty , Tatiana Vesrtraeten’s Jewelries .

The Stars , the stars nobody watch the stars …

Stars , Monsieur Minimal

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night over the Rhone is one of the greatest paintings he created during his life , we value Tatiana’s gemstones in a corresponding level .

I wish you ‘ll always be the one
The one that you will always smile
I watch the stars every night
I see them shining into your eyes Cause you, you are the one
You are the sweetest part of my life
My world is you
Cause you live in stars

My World is you , Monsieur Minimal

“Your arms start from the back because they were once wings .”

Martha Graham (ballet dancer and choreographer )

My favourite of all is the polaroid above , I own a polaroid camera too and I love to capture moments and feelings that you can’t reproduce again , and the Barbara Set that displays because of my personal engagement with ballet .This red-carpet creation, that took more than a year to complete, is inspired by the vibrant costumes of the Opera-ballet and the theatrical French singer of the same name.

escape_karma Instagram

That was an ode to the Haute Joaillerie of Tatiana Verstraeten . She redefines the jewelry industry with her ground-breaking ideas that come to life through the craftmanship , as all the innovative designers and pioneers do .

You can follow Tatiana Verstraeten on Instagram here and on her professional Instagram account here .

To learn more about her and her creations or place your orders visit her website .

Jewelries available also on Modaoperandi.com

I simply adore each and every piece of her collections , I applause her efforts and I look forward to what she holds for us in the future .

With all my love and respect on Tatiana Verstraeten and her masterpieces-jewelries .

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

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  1. Tatiana Verstraeten’s jewelry pieces are truly exquisite and redefine the world of haute joaillerie. Her creations reflect elegance, sophistication, and a unique artistic sensibility. It’s wonderful to see how her jewelry draws inspiration from various sources, including nature and the intangible. Her pieces are not just accessories; they are works of art that leave a lasting impression. It’s heartening to know that she is also actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. Tatiana Verstraeten’s jewelry is indeed a brilliant combination of craftsmanship and innovation that deserves all the recognition it receives.

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