An imaginary trip to Japan ; Through the eyes of Noguchi Takashi and his Leica

Today our steps will lead us to the country of The Rising Sun , an imaginary trip to Tokyo, Japan through the lens of the renowned Japanese photographer Noguchi Takashi .

But before I share with you his captivating pictures from his country Japan let me introduce him to you .Noguchi Takashi’s portfolio is pretty rich and spans from fashion editorials and campaigns to portraits of notable artists such as musicians ,Thom Yorke and his band Radiohead (my favourite band ) , Marilyn Manson or (also actor and director) like Vincent Gallo , to experimental photography ;he was the one who captivated Radioactive contamination in Fukushima, Japan cause of TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident by Big Tsunami and also to has shot the first cover back in 1998 of the legendary Fashion Magazine Purple (issue 1)

Top models like Lilly Collins and Linda Evangelista have been captured by Noguchi Takashi ,we can also spot Thom Yorke photographed by Noguchi back in 1997 in the gallery above All photos are courtesy of © Takashi Noguchi and Copyright © 2016 San Drago All Rights Reserved.

Noguchi turned radiation into art , his photos became an exhibition titled Stigma back in 2014 . He captured the radioactive contamination in Fukushima, Japan cause of TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident by Big Tsunami .As he stated “I tried to visualize the radiation .I tried radiation sensitization using the soil contaminated with radiation for the photographed form or the unshot film . There are like a kiln strange . Some pictures look just like a flame, and some pictures seemed to be shining stars, radiation is invisible and horrible . But visualizing it is beautiful . Fearing that gap, I think radiation can be art.”

Noguchi tried to visually capture the invisible radiation in his photographs from Fukushima by wrapping them in dark bags with radioactive soil.

The following pictures were taken with Noguchi’s Leica M6 (a rangefinder film camera ) , we would like to thank him for sharing his astonishing photos with us exclusively from Japan .

All photos © Takashi Noguchi

Oh, tranquility!

Penetrating the very rock,

A cicada’s voice.

Haiku by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)
Oh, when you're big in Japan, tonight
Big in Japan, be tight
Big in Japan, ooh the eastern sea's so blue
Big in Japan, alright
Pay, then I'll sleep by your side
Things are easy when you're big in Japan
Oh, when you're big in Japan

Big in Japan , Alphavile
All photos © Takashi Noguchi
But I have no doubt
One day, we are gonna get out
Tonight maybe we're gonna run
Dreaming of the Osaka sun
Ohh ohh...
Dreaming of when the morning comes

Lovers in Japan , Coldplay
Crash, Crash, out of control Try and start a riot while you're beggin' for more. Anarchy in Tokyo. They say the city is safe, the keepers of faith, the bullet is safe for one and day Eclipsed by the one Don't bother to run The target is on your back You're done.
30 Seconds To Mars , Anarchy In Tokyo

The convolvulus

Flower shows creases.

It’s a hot day

Original Japanese Haiku

In a time, in a place

In a world they forgot

Lives the heart of me

A part that just won’t die

Just a boy, not a man

Sent to war, in a land

They said we’d fight for their freedom

But I felt like a hired hand

Sometimes I have to find my way

Sometimes I have to get away

Take me back to Tokyo road

Take me back to Tokyo road

Bon Jovi ,Tokyo road
All photos © Takashi Noguchi

There is pleasure’s sigh, there is despair’s sigh,

Adorned with a sweet smile or a sour cry,

Screaming both in the night with no reply,

Under the glamorous buildings up high,

Who are standing under the blue night sky.

All places of Tokyo change at night,

Streets are flowing rivers of gleamy light,

Lit-neon signs glowing at every sight,

Under the glamorous buildings up high,

Who are standing under the blue night sky.

Tokyo ,Seyhun Mahi

Sometimes this happens
the wait becomes unbearable
so remember that you know….
time is deceptive
and it’s already tomorrow in Tokyo

It’s already tomorrow in Tokyo ,Arshia Qasim

Here a playlist I did for you to hear while you are mentally visiting Japan .

Hope you enjoyed the imaginary trip to Tokyo ,Japan that Noguchi Takashi offered us through his lens . I am thankful for the images he shared with me and by extension with you and all his politeness and his guidance through the process .

You can follow Noguchi Takashi on Instagram here and check his website here .

ありがとうございました , Arigato !

Eleni Kadigkou XX

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