Build the abs of your dreams and get rid of belly fat

Are you dreaming of 6-pack abs once we will be able to get out again?Well the most auspicious scenario is that this will happen in summer,so we will jump straight to light clothes and swimsuits.So if you are aiming to achieve your fitness goals,have a better physical condition or feel more confident with your body you need to make a few sacrifices.

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Beside the workout routine you should establish in your life in order to achieve the desired outcome,a few modifications on your diet and lifestyle are required.Enrich your diet with high-protein foods(chicken,eggs,almonds,legumes,Greek yogurt),healthy fats(avocados,salmon,dark chocolate),reduce or even cut off sugar-sweetened drinks like soft drinks,juices with preservatives and alcohol,fill up your meals with high-fiber foods(quinoa,whole grains,chia seeds).A lot of hydration also helps,don’t forget to drink water and add green tea to your routine.

Let’s see now some of the workouts you can take to exercise your abdominal muscles and get rid of the belly fat.Cardio is always helpful when we are talking about fat burning,walking,running,biking and swimming are among the trainings you can follow while gyms are closed.But what I call the game changer and I swear by is jumping rope.Ten minutes per day at the beginning with breaks is going to lead you to faster results.

There is an abundance of workouts and exercises to try but I would love to share those I have tried and helped me so far.

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I have mentioned before my friend Sophie Kinalopoulou ,an advanced and health specialist,an online coacher who also organizes nutrition plans.On her Instagram feed she shares workouts and exercises in order to achieve the ultimate goal.I had my favourite video of hers to share but lately Sophie released a new one and I love them both.Follow her or even better book online trainings with her.She is passionate with her job but also a kind and beautiful person.

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This one is for advanced,but you once you feel that you can respond try it!

Constantina Bakara is a certified yoga,aerial yoga,pilates teacher,plus an expert on Thai massage.During the lockdowns I find her on YouTube and from the first video I felt so nice with her aura and spirit.It’s not so easy,at least for me to find a yoga teacher who inspires me,but her calm voice and the beautiful workouts got me.Soon I will publish a featuring article about her and her videos,because beside the yoga practices she has to display spiritual advices too.

Constantina Bakara Core Strength & arms balances

Follow Constantina on Instagram here and for more subscribe on her Youtube channel here.

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A gadget like Garmin watch would be also a useful tool,it helps you check your performances and it is the perfect training partner.

You can shop them here and here.

2021 is a year to focus on wellness,we owe it to ourselves!

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