Build the abs of your dreams and get rid of belly fat

Are you dreaming of 6-pack abs once we will be able to get out again?Well the most auspicious scenario is that this will happen in summer,so we will jump straight to light clothes and swimsuits.So if you are aiming to achieve your fitness goals,have a better physical condition or feel more confident with your body you need to make a few sacrifices.

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Beside the workout routine you should establish in your life in order to achieve the desired outcome,a few modifications on your diet and lifestyle are required.Enrich your diet with high-protein foods(chicken,eggs,almonds,legumes,Greek yogurt),healthy fats(avocados,salmon,dark chocolate),reduce or even cut off sugar-sweetened drinks like soft drinks,juices with preservatives and alcohol,fill up your meals with high-fiber foods(quinoa,whole grains,chia seeds).A lot of hydration also helps,don’t forget to drink water and add green tea to your routine.

Let’s see now some of the workouts you can take to exercise your abdominal muscles and get rid of the belly fat.Cardio is always helpful when we are talking about fat burning,walking,running,biking and swimming are among the trainings you can follow while gyms are closed.But what I call the game changer and I swear by is jumping rope.Ten minutes per day at the beginning with breaks is going to lead you to faster results.

There is an abundance of workouts and exercises to try but I would love to share those I have tried and helped me so far.

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I have mentioned before my friend Sophie Kinalopoulou ,an advanced and health specialist,an online coacher who also organizes nutrition plans.On her Instagram feed she shares workouts and exercises in order to achieve the ultimate goal.I had my favourite video of hers to share but lately Sophie released a new one and I love them both.Follow her or even better book online trainings with her.She is passionate with her job but also a kind and beautiful person.

Sophie Kinalopoulou

This one is for advanced,but you once you feel that you can respond try it!

Constantina Bakara is a certified yoga,aerial yoga,pilates teacher,plus an expert on Thai massage.During the lockdowns I find her on YouTube and from the first video I felt so nice with her aura and spirit.It’s not so easy,at least for me to find a yoga teacher who inspires me,but her calm voice and the beautiful workouts got me.Soon I will publish a featuring article about her and her videos,because beside the yoga practices she has to display spiritual advices too.

Constantina Bakara Core Strength & arms balances

Follow Constantina on Instagram here and for more subscribe on her Youtube channel here.

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A gadget like Garmin watch would be also a useful tool,it helps you check your performances and it is the perfect training partner.

You can shop them here and here.

2021 is a year to focus on wellness,we owe it to ourselves!

Anticipating for your feedback!

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What to keep and what to “burn” from 2020.How to set goals for 2021?

What a year 2020 had been!However if you are here reading this article,it means that you made it so far and to survive this year wasn’t that simple for everyone.But was it so bad?Let’s decode what a tough and unpredictable year had to teach us.Because,as everything weird and hard in life,the past year also included,we can find a double meaning.Maybe the pandemic and the isolation changed our lives in a way that before seemed like a science fiction plot but if you are wise enough you should have gained enough.

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Beside the Covid-19 which altered the everyday life and our habits,in 2020 the planet was in turmoil,related to health,financial,political and many other issues.However,our topic is what to keep and what to discard from the previous year as concern the pandemic.Isolation and social distancing are on the list of what to burn.Not hugging your beloved ones also,not being free,not traveling,not to be able to meet friends out and have a drink and laugh carefree too.

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Although if you are wise enough you should have learned a lot from a life-changing year.Keeping some distance and calm down from an extraverted social and party life is not always that bad,working from home also.Human beings need that kind of personal space to redefine themselves and by extension their goals and desires.If we always seek for satisfaction depending on external conditions we will never be able to find it by ourselves.Taking some time all alone in order to do your self criticism is not only essential but constructive too in the road of success and in moving on.

scrabble resolutions
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In case that you lost your job or you are in work suspension due to Covid-19 you probably have plenty of time,but don’t waste it on worrying and grumbling,instead make a good use of it.Ask yourself if your job satisfies you,do you wake up in the morning and have that great feeling about it,does it please you financially and mostly what you have been doing for living is that what you really want for life?Maybe it’s time to educate yourself more,to learn somrthing new,to change career or to retrieve from your memory your dream of creating your own business and leading your path.

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There is no magic trick in life neither spells or Genie like Aladdin’s.Although I may be characterized as a dreamer rather than a realist,let’s face it;dreams are actually the goals we set for ourselves but sometimes we are afraid to chase them.Nevertheless how to set goals in an unstable year and what to expect?

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To begin with one should already know what he wants and maintain in his mind the clear picture of the desired outcome.Although to have self awareness is not that simple for most of the people,to find it meditate,take long walks,listen to some music you love,start writting down your dreams,your thoughts,a diary with your habits.Once you have it,organize it better,set short term goals,week by week,take action and the necessary steps,switch what doesn’t work.The progress and the change in your life will come as long as you are working upon it.Either it’s a business plan or a fitness one to have the body of your dreams or generally to ensure better quality on your daily life.

creative composition of modern notebooks and paper clips
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They say nothing happens without a reason.Maybe all this or whatever you called as bad luck is your sign from the universe to make the change you have been wishing for.”Nothing is so stable as change”,Bob Dylan said and we couldn’t agree more.If you are willing to move on you need to alter habits and adjust quickly to the new conditions.I won’t call myself an expert,I just share some of my thoughts with you,based also on my personal experience.The isolation helped me to take the decision to launch my online magazine,Escape Karma,something that I’ve been working on my mind for years.I am glad so far because I feel free and content with what I am dealing everyday.Whatever your goal or dream is I wish you this year to chase it and fulfil it!

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The benefits of a cold shower,The Scottish way as James Bond adored

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Even in the idea of the cold water running through their body some people have already been experienced a shock!Well to be honest is not that bad as it may sounds but once you get used to it your body,hair and immune system will be grateful of it.You may wonder so far why I publish this article in the month of January,but during the winter time this practice have been proved even more beneficial.

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I did a research over the benefits and the pros of the famous Scottish shower,it is the one where from hot water you turn the dial to the opposite side and cold water begins to run from head to toe.However,to be honest,it has been in my routine since I was a teenager,but lately because I have been training for more than 1 and a half hour to 2 and a half I raised my 30 seconds of cold water to almost 3 minutes.But let’s check what I am talking about!

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If by any chance you happened to be a big fan of James Bond and especially of Ian Fleming’s book version,you’ve already been aware of 007 favourite shower routine,he would normally start with hot water and then turn it down to cold for the past few minutes.This type of shower is widely known as Scottish,is that the link we have been missing?

The Benefits of ending the shower with cold water

  • Improves circulation

As cold water hits our body and external limbs,it constricts circulation on the surface of your body.This causes blood in our deeper tissues to circulate at faster rates to maintain the ideal body temperature.Good blood circulation is vital for overall cardiovascular health.Healthy blood circulation also speeds up recovery time from strenuous exercises and work.Stimulating the circulatory system in this way keeps us healthier and younger.

Me photographed by Panos Kadigkos
  • Shinier hair and softer skin

Our hair and scalps loves cold water.The delicate and thin skin of human’s scalp can get irritated by the use of extremely hot water and cause result in flakiness or itching.Same for the hair,if you have been visiting professional hair salons you may already know the benefits of the cold water as the experts suggest.The hair shine more and also help the colour-treated ones to maintain the colour longer.Additional for the rest of the body,the cold water alleviates winter dryness and calms itchy skin.

Me photographed by Panos Kadigkos
  • Boost the immune system and prevent illness

After a cold shower,our body reacts to the temperature change by trying to warm itself.Our metabolic rates increase and the body kick-starts its natural bug-fighting defence system with a rapid release of white blood cells.So they’re especially beneficial during cold and flu season or whenever there’s a virus circulating.

Me photographed by Panos Kadigkos
  • Cause lymph movement and aids the lymphatic drainage

As for me this is the major benefit.The lymphatic drainage plays a major part in our overall health.The lymphatic system is comprised of nodes and fluid that transport water and nutrients,as well as toxins and waste,through and out of the body all day,everyday.Stagnant lymph that accumulate in pockets of the body can result in puffiness in the face and abdomen,discomfort,infection,illness,breakouts and poor sleep.While the movement of it can result in the reduce of cellulite,detox and better skin especially around the eye area.For multiply benefits try dry brushing technique on your body before the shower.

Me photographed by Panos Kadigkos
  • Help reduce muscle soreness after intense workouts

Since cold water has regenerative properties,our muscles will relax and repair after a tough workout.Also in holistic medicine approach since the previous century they use to treat injuries such as strained muscles and broken bones.It’s well known today that athletes are taking ice baths to speed their recovery from injuries and intense workouts.

Me photographed by Panos Kadigkos
  • Increases energy and well being

The cold showers activate the sympathetic nervous system,they can increase neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and endorphins to give us that feel-good rush.The heart starts pumping and the rush of blood through the body helps shake off the lethargy of the previous night’s sleep.They are great choice after the morning workout to retain the full energy and boost our day.It also said to be a stress reducer.

Dream Shower

But how to begin with them?Well have your normal hot or warm shower and gradually the past few minutes decrease the temperature of the water so your body can adjust.After a period of time try to turn the dial to the cold water for the last 30 seconds of the shower,once you get used to it you can increase the duration to several minutes of completely cold water then you will have yourself a proper Scottish Shower.

Hot showers have their benefits too,such as relief from cold or respiratory symptoms and the relaxation we need before the bed.So don’t skip one for another,be brave enough to try to switch between cold and hot and afterwards you feel a real badass just like James Bond!

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Beetroot juice, how to boost your workout in natural way and other benefits

Holidays are over and if you have overdone it with food and alcohol we are here to share some detox tips for you .Our plan includes the beetroot juice for today,a juice that according to scientific studies aids athletes to improve their athletic performance,but its benefits are multiple.

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 Beetroot juice has become one of the most popular ergogenic supplements for athletes.Let’s take a look what makes the beet such an athletic nutritional powerhouse.

Beets are a rich source of potent antioxidants, such as vitamin C, carotenoids, phenolic acids, and flavonoids, along with nitrate.Nitrate is a chemical naturally occurring in certain foods and is converted into nitric oxide when consumed.

Studies indicate vegetables high in nitrate promote improved health and athletic performance.

Drinking beet juice raises nitric oxide levels in your body.Research shows nitric oxide can increase blood flow, improve lung function,and strengthen muscle and contraction.This combination has stimulated athletes to supplement with beet juice for improved cardiorespiratory endurance and performance.The importance of cardiorespiratory fitness for athletes and active adults is essential.This component of physical fitness refers to the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to supply oxygen to working muscles during prolonged exercise.

Nitric oxide (NO) from beet juice helps this process. It is shown to increase cardiorespiratory performance and improve muscle function.

athlete bike black and white cycle
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According to a small 2012 studyTrusted Source,drinking beet juice increases plasma nitrate levels and boosts physical performance.

During the study, trained cyclists who drank 2 cups of beet juice daily improved their 10-kilometer time trial by approximately 12 seconds. At the same time, they also reduced their maximum oxygen output.

The dose given to them did not exceed ½ litter of beetroot juice and the time of taking it should be 3 hours before the beginning of the exercise.As it is known the nitrate reaches the highest levels in the plasma 2-3 hours after taking it and remains in high levels for about 6-9 hours.

Other Benefits

  • Helps Lower Blood Pressure
  • May slow the progression of dementia
  • Good source of potassium
  • Good source of other minerals
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Supports liver
  • May Reduce Cholesterol

By adding beetroots in your diet and especially if you consume them raw you can take full advantage of the multiple benefits they offer.The bloody-red vegetable is full of antioxidants and you can combine it with other veggies or fruits.


(serves 1)

  • 3 normal size beetroots
  • 2 carrots (optional)
  • 1 green apple (optional)
Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

Run the ingredients through a juicer, alternatively blend it in a high-speed blender until smooth. Strain and drink immediately.


Keep in mind that if your purpose is to improve your exercise stamina you should drink it 2-3 hours before you begin .

Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

As from my experience,since I don’t drink it very often I haven’t ascertain if it boosts my workout but for sure helps decrease the abdominal bulking.

Photo Panagiotis Kadigkos

For more information you can check some of the sources that I came across to help me complete the article and

If you have any question,suggestion,or if you are willing to try the beetroot juice let me know!

Photos of the article: Panagiotis Kadigkos

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Christmas Porridge , holidays breakfast made by Hara Korakaki

New contributed article from Hara’s Foodblog is here ! Hara’s imagination never stops amaze me , today she is sharing with us her beautiful idea for the ideal Christmas breakfast . This year we have all indulged in homemade cooking ,under the given circumstances .

Here I reproduce her words and recipe

Christmas is coming soon, so I became a bit creative today and made this extra dark chocolate porridge with a Christmas tree made from kiwi, a banana star and goji berries 🎄 


  • 40gr oats
  • 200ml milk
  • 30gr extra dark chocolate sprinkles 

Place all the ingredients in a pan and cook, stirring occasionally, until the oats are soft and the mixture is thick. Spoon the oatmeal into a bowl and sprinkle with toppings of your choice. Serve and enjoy!! 

Image Hara Korakaki

If you want to see more recipes from her you can follow her on Instagram : Hara’s Foodblog

In case that you are going to give it a try send us your attempts !

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Butt lift workout , the ultimate way to hit the top

Hey there ! If you happened to be in a lockdown mode and miss your gym or any kind of training you used to do , we are here to suggest you some exercises to give a lift and a-look-alike bubble butt .

Does it take a long way “to the top” ? Well , the answer depends on your current physical condition . But trust me once you add the following exercises on a weekly routine , you can never go wrong . Even if your relationship with gymnastic seems bad you can always make up with her. There is no magic trick to change your body , but once you set a realistic and approachable goal it’s on your hand to focus on it .No more lazy days and excuses , you can have the body of your dreams by following the steps below . A balanced diet would be a plus in order to achieve the aim you have set .

Photos Panagiotis Kadigkos

Concerning my personal fitness routine I try to workout almost everyday . After a pause of months I begun exercising again back on March with 20 to 30 minutes 4 times a week but lately I workout at least 5 times per week 1hour +15minutes to 2 hours a day . I understand that may seems hard , but that used to be my normality few years ago when I had the physical condition and the body posture of my dreams . With Covid-19 many of us had to amend our workout routine , but we are in 2020 and everything is possible there are countless of free online programs and videos to watch , you can always take advantage of outdoors activity and the most important you can trust the specialists and have an online personal trainer who will focus and work with you upon your needs .I switch between running , cycling , ballet workout , yoga ,pilates , jumping rope ,dancing ,aerobic ,cardio and etc. As you have already known there are plenty of choices to pick out accordingly to your preferences . Slowly , slowly I regained my strength but to retain a good physical condition is an ongoing progress .

Photos Panagiotis Kadigkos

Athleisure set by PCP clothing , you can follow on instagram too

The following exercises that will be featured come from Sophie Kinalopoulou , a beautiful friend of mine but beside that an educated woman . Sophie is an advanced health and exercise specialist and an online coach (long before the lockdowns ,she is ahead of her time ) . Soon an interview and a more detailed article about her and her work on Escape Karma . Follow her on instagram , for more ideas on exercising and healthy meals :Sophiekinal

Here two of her sets on Booty Activation ,Part1 and Part2 , which I swear by them !

Part 1

Another quick and easy workout for bubble butt is the following one I discovered on youtube during the quarantine days .

Daisy Keech youtube channel

You can follow Daisy Keech on instagram

Additionally you can search and download images like the one below to take a quick look and do some reps during the day .

Enough said it’s time to act ! Leave your couches and make your body sweat .In the end who is going to be grateful with the result other than yourself ? Waiting for your suggestions and your results . Don’t hesitate !

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apple Pie Bites recipe, 1st post of our contributor editor hara korakaki

Let me introduce you one of my best friends , a charismatic girl , a business woman , a veterinarian , who never stops exploring the world while travelling and the best cooker and talented pastry chef I know .Welcome to Escape Karma Hara ! Hara Korakaki is our first contributor editor here on escape karma , she is a 25-year-old woman ,born and raised in Greece , but currently lives in UK where she works as a vet. But as I mentioned, she is unstoppable and when she is in the kitchen she works her magic ,so she launched Haras Foodblog ,there you will find her healthy and colourful recipes savory or sweet you are going to love them all .

Today she is sharing with us her tasty and quick recipe , to make our own apple pie bites !


  • 1/3 cup green apple (grated, excess liquid squeezed out)
  • 1/3 cup almond butter 
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup 
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract 
  • 1+1/2 cup oats 
  • 1 tsp cinnamon 
  • pinch of salt

In a medium bowl, combine the grated apple, almond butter, maple syrup and vanilla and stir until smooth. Add the oats, cinnamon and salt and mix until evenly distributed. Chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Use a tablespoon to scoop out the mixture, then roll into balls with your hands. Store in the refrigerator in an airtight contain for up to a week. Enjoy!! 

photo Hara’s Foodblog

That was her first post on our website hope that you will love her recipe and if you give it a try let us know . Till then stay safe .

Recipe by Hara Korakaki find her here too

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celery juice , have you tried this nutriotinal trend yet ?

First of all , let me say this just because I added on my morning ritual doesn’t mean I follow blindly this trend or that I claim that the juice is a miraculous one and has the ability to heal chronic diseases .Fruits and vegetables have been added on my diet for many years now but it was around 2 or 3 years ago that I tried celery on my smoothies beside the common use , soups ,salads and etc . But this is a different one , we are talking about plain , fresh 100% celery juice (to be honest I add a few drops of lemon sometimes ) .

Photo credits Panagiotis Kadigkos

But how did it turned to be a huge nutritional trend ? Celery juice gain popularity through Anthony’s William book Celery Juice :The most powerful medicine of our time healing ,who’s not a doctor or a nutritionist , but many celebrities , thousands of people in the US and around the globe and as well Gwyneth Paltrow ( featuring Anthony on her website Goop )swear by it . I am not here to mislead and especially when concerning to medical issues neither I am the kind of the person who follows the herd . I only wish to share my own experience and the to do steps in case you are willing to give it a try too .

I won’t insist on nutritional information and composition of the vegetable but I have to mention some of the benefits that provide . Have you ever noticed that celery looks alike human bones ?

Actually beside the appearance, they have another thing in common – they contain 23% sodium, just like our bones . Celery is a great source of silicon which helps with the structure of our bones to keep them strong and healthy. Furthermore celery has an alkalizing effect ,with minerals like magnesium, iron, and sodium, celery can have a neutralizing effect on acidic foods and helps to balance our PH . Also its anti-inflammatory effect is ideal to use celery juice for detoxifying our liver and heal our gut .

Lastly celery contains a particular compound called coumarins which promotes the activity of white blood cells and assists the vascular system. This helps the blood flow, reduces blood pressure and purifies the bloodstream .The sodium in celery also maintains the fluidity of the blood and lymph fluids, preventing them from becoming too thick. For more information you can check thoroughly on medical and nutritional website , books and researches .

Before we continue to the making process allow me to share my personal experience and the reason I added on my morning ritual . Have been suffering from abdominal bloating effect , my stomach ,even if I follow a healthy diet, isn’t working right plus I have some symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome . That means that the past few years in the morning time the first think I do is to drink something like warm water with lemon and turmeric or do a juice cleanse program in order to aid digestion and for 30 minutes after that I don’t eat or drink something else . Alongside I do studies to be a sommelier and also I ‘ve got a certification in spirits , part of the training is the tasting although you don’t have to drink all of them (!!!) but I like wine so sometimes I feel the need to detoxifying my liver cause generally my diet is quite balanced .

What I’ve noticed so far are the following :

  • My digestion works better not all but most of the days that I drink the juice
  • My skin looks a lot better and clean , especially the eye area (puffiness and dark circles )
  • My energy levels are getting higher and the effect of fatigue is lower than ever ( to mention also the interval of 30 minutes that I have to wait before breakfast I reclaim it and go for running )


1 head of celery, stalks separated

  • Rinse the celery ,chop the stalks and run it through a juicer.
  • Drink immediately.
  • Alternatively, you can chop the celery and blend it in a high-speed blender until smooth. Strain and drink immediately.
  • Then wait from 15 to 30 minutes until you have breakfast or coffee .
Photo credits Panagiotis Kadigkos
Photo credits Panagiotis Kadigkos

That was all for this time . I don’t recommend Celery juice as a remedy for chronic diseases but after all its hydrating and vegetables are rich on nutritional value . If you have already tried it feel free to share your story otherwise if you are willing to share your feedback anytime .

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

Photographer : Panagiotis Kadigkos