What to keep and what to “burn” from 2020.How to set goals for 2021?

What a year 2020 had been!However if you are here reading this article,it means that you made it so far and to survive this year wasn’t that simple for everyone.But was it so bad?Let’s decode what a tough and unpredictable year had to teach us.Because,as everything weird and hard in life,the past year also included,we can find a double meaning.Maybe the pandemic and the isolation changed our lives in a way that before seemed like a science fiction plot but if you are wise enough you should have gained enough.

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Beside the Covid-19 which altered the everyday life and our habits,in 2020 the planet was in turmoil,related to health,financial,political and many other issues.However,our topic is what to keep and what to discard from the previous year as concern the pandemic.Isolation and social distancing are on the list of what to burn.Not hugging your beloved ones also,not being free,not traveling,not to be able to meet friends out and have a drink and laugh carefree too.

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Although if you are wise enough you should have learned a lot from a life-changing year.Keeping some distance and calm down from an extraverted social and party life is not always that bad,working from home also.Human beings need that kind of personal space to redefine themselves and by extension their goals and desires.If we always seek for satisfaction depending on external conditions we will never be able to find it by ourselves.Taking some time all alone in order to do your self criticism is not only essential but constructive too in the road of success and in moving on.

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In case that you lost your job or you are in work suspension due to Covid-19 you probably have plenty of time,but don’t waste it on worrying and grumbling,instead make a good use of it.Ask yourself if your job satisfies you,do you wake up in the morning and have that great feeling about it,does it please you financially and mostly what you have been doing for living is that what you really want for life?Maybe it’s time to educate yourself more,to learn somrthing new,to change career or to retrieve from your memory your dream of creating your own business and leading your path.

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There is no magic trick in life neither spells or Genie like Aladdin’s.Although I may be characterized as a dreamer rather than a realist,let’s face it;dreams are actually the goals we set for ourselves but sometimes we are afraid to chase them.Nevertheless how to set goals in an unstable year and what to expect?

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To begin with one should already know what he wants and maintain in his mind the clear picture of the desired outcome.Although to have self awareness is not that simple for most of the people,to find it meditate,take long walks,listen to some music you love,start writting down your dreams,your thoughts,a diary with your habits.Once you have it,organize it better,set short term goals,week by week,take action and the necessary steps,switch what doesn’t work.The progress and the change in your life will come as long as you are working upon it.Either it’s a business plan or a fitness one to have the body of your dreams or generally to ensure better quality on your daily life.

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They say nothing happens without a reason.Maybe all this or whatever you called as bad luck is your sign from the universe to make the change you have been wishing for.”Nothing is so stable as change”,Bob Dylan said and we couldn’t agree more.If you are willing to move on you need to alter habits and adjust quickly to the new conditions.I won’t call myself an expert,I just share some of my thoughts with you,based also on my personal experience.The isolation helped me to take the decision to launch my online magazine,Escape Karma,something that I’ve been working on my mind for years.I am glad so far because I feel free and content with what I am dealing everyday.Whatever your goal or dream is I wish you this year to chase it and fulfil it!

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