Butt lift workout , the ultimate way to hit the top

Hey there ! If you happened to be in a lockdown mode and miss your gym or any kind of training you used to do , we are here to suggest you some exercises to give a lift and a-look-alike bubble butt .

Does it take a long way “to the top” ? Well , the answer depends on your current physical condition . But trust me once you add the following exercises on a weekly routine , you can never go wrong . Even if your relationship with gymnastic seems bad you can always make up with her. There is no magic trick to change your body , but once you set a realistic and approachable goal it’s on your hand to focus on it .No more lazy days and excuses , you can have the body of your dreams by following the steps below . A balanced diet would be a plus in order to achieve the aim you have set .

Photos Panagiotis Kadigkos

Concerning my personal fitness routine I try to workout almost everyday . After a pause of months I begun exercising again back on March with 20 to 30 minutes 4 times a week but lately I workout at least 5 times per week 1hour +15minutes to 2 hours a day . I understand that may seems hard , but that used to be my normality few years ago when I had the physical condition and the body posture of my dreams . With Covid-19 many of us had to amend our workout routine , but we are in 2020 and everything is possible there are countless of free online programs and videos to watch , you can always take advantage of outdoors activity and the most important you can trust the specialists and have an online personal trainer who will focus and work with you upon your needs .I switch between running , cycling , ballet workout , yoga ,pilates , jumping rope ,dancing ,aerobic ,cardio and etc. As you have already known there are plenty of choices to pick out accordingly to your preferences . Slowly , slowly I regained my strength but to retain a good physical condition is an ongoing progress .

Photos Panagiotis Kadigkos

Athleisure set by PCP clothing , you can follow on instagram too

The following exercises that will be featured come from Sophie Kinalopoulou , a beautiful friend of mine but beside that an educated woman . Sophie is an advanced health and exercise specialist and an online coach (long before the lockdowns ,she is ahead of her time ) . Soon an interview and a more detailed article about her and her work on Escape Karma . Follow her on instagram , for more ideas on exercising and healthy meals :Sophiekinal

Here two of her sets on Booty Activation ,Part1 and Part2 , which I swear by them !

Part 1

Another quick and easy workout for bubble butt is the following one I discovered on youtube during the quarantine days .

Daisy Keech youtube channel

You can follow Daisy Keech on instagram

Additionally you can search and download images like the one below to take a quick look and do some reps during the day .

Enough said it’s time to act ! Leave your couches and make your body sweat .In the end who is going to be grateful with the result other than yourself ? Waiting for your suggestions and your results . Don’t hesitate !

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

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