All my life, I have been “on fire” burn that witch

Video and photos Panagiotis Kadigkos

I'm not your lover
I'm not your saint
I'm not your baby
The bitch to blame
I'm not your honey
I'm not your doll
I'm the one who dies in the fire of love
I wanna burn in the fire of love, alright
I wanna burn in the fire of love tonight
Fire of Love ,Jesse Jo Stark

They judge me like a picture book

By the colors, like they forgot to read

I think we’re like fire and water

I think we’re like the wind and sea

You’re burnin’ up, I’m coolin’ down

You’re up, I’m down

You’re blind, I see

Lana Del Ray ,Brooklyn Baby

Light of my life , Fire of my loins

Images Panagiotis Kadigkos

Watch out, you might get what you're after
Cool babies, strange but not a stranger
I'm an ordinary guy
Burning down the house
Hold tight, wait 'til the party's over
Hold tight, we're in for nasty weather
There has, got to be a way
Burning down the house
Burning Down the House , Talking Heads

Girl, girl, girl, girl
You gonna set me on fire
My brain is flaming
I don’t know which way to go

“As if you were on fire from within.

The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”

Pablo Neruda

My love she speaks like silence,
Without ideals or violence,
She doesn’t have to say she’s faithful,
Yet she’s true, like ice, like fire.
People carry roses,
Make promises by the hours,
My love she laughs like the flowers,
Valentines can’t buy her.

Bob Dylan , Love minus zero

Photos Panagiotis Kadigkos
Burn the witch
Burn the witch
We know where you live
Red crosses on wooden doors
And if you float you burn
Loose talk around tables
Abandon all reason
Avoid all eye contact
Do not react
Shoot the messengers

Burn The Witch , Radiohead

Just to make it clear we didn’t light the fire to do the photoshooting ,we just took advantage of it .Waiting for your feedback .

Eleni Kadigkou Xx

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